Best Video Games of 2016

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61 Horizon: Zero Dawn

Why its very down its famous everywhere

Best game I have played since halo 3

WHY IS THIS VERY FAR FROM THE TOP TEN! This thing's the best in the world!

62 Skylanders: Imaginators V 1 Comment
63 Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Love the Shantae games, and this is no exception. The characters are charming and fun, the music is wonderful, and the story is a blast.

Super fun, humorous, great characters and awesome ost! I recommend playing the game if you haven't already!

A very fun, and well made game, 8+ hours of fun, granted =)

I honestly think this should be MUCH higher than it is.

64 Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

This needs to be higher. - ConnorBanjoper

65 FIFA 17

Thank god this cash cow isn't any higher. - DapperPickle

This is a really good game all football leagues that are professional

What the hell how is this possible

Why tf is his low

V 8 Comments
66 Forza Horizon 3

Why is forza horizon 3 here it should be at number one this had the best graphics, the best gameplay, the best car selection, best customisation, best open world, lived up way past its potential and supplies hours of fun for the whole family - Captainderp

There's not much to say other than it's a Forza Horizon game - so pretty much perfect right? Incredibly fun if you're the right person, and that's why I think it's so low on the list. Unless you're into cars and customisation, you probably won't care for it

Best graphics. Great gameplay. Countless hours of fun.

Better than more than half the games ranked above it

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67 Corpse Party
68 One Piece: Burning Blood
69 Disney Magical World 2

Disney magical world 2 game was fun game

70 Dead Island 2
71 The Last Guardian

This might be the most emotional game of the generation, it has beautiful graphics, a story with enough mystery to keep you invested, and one of the greatest endings to a video game since Shadow of the Colossus. I have no idea why this masterpiece is at 59 but the Division is at 12. This deserves to be in the top ten.

It was such a technical marvel

When I heard this game was coming out I saved up to buy a ps4. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed.

The game looks good. TOO BAD THE DOG THING HAS A BRAIN OF A NEWBORN. - WarioMan

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72 Breath of Fire 6
73 Dead Rising 4
74 Inside
75 Persona 5

Does anyone really think this should be number 76?

76 Metroid Prime: Federation Force

I know you all hate, but come on. Nintendo & Next Level Games made Super Mario Strikers, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out! (Wii), and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, so you might as well give this game a chance.

I haven't been hearing a lot of hate on Nintendo lately. They seem to be going in the right direction. - Mcgillacuddy

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77 Shadow Warrior 2
78 Dead by Daylight
79 Layers of Fear

I get scared of it all nite I wet my bed

80 Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
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