Best Video Games of 2016

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101 Friday the 13th: The Game V 4 Comments
102 Gravity Rush 2
103 Superhot
104 Pewdiepie's Tuber Simulator

Much betterthan the channel that consists of a man giving weak attempts of humor by laughing at a computer screen.

No comments?

Not touching' this, since PDP touched it. - mattstat716

Nope. - DapperPickle

105 Firewatch

Why the hell this game is down here.THIS GAME HAS AMAZING STORY! and really great graphics. so please vote for this game. this game should be at under 10.

106 Just Dance 2017

I could have fun with This, even though there's trash songs in it like Watch me - VideoGamefan5

Yay RIGHT I play 2014 and it was way detter

Music " dance " loosing weight " Fun " PERFECT - MelanieMartinez

107 The Witness
108 Trackmania Turbo
109 Hearts of Iron IV

This game is amazing. Being able to play as any country you want and making it a super power is awesome. Paradox continues to amaze me. - huntlee17

110 The Jackbox Party Pack 3
111 Ultimate Arena
112 The Little Acre
113 Sonic Advance 3

But this game was not made in the year 2016! it was made somewhere in the 00's, I think 2004 - PampaZapp

Are you kidding me? Who the HELL put this game here? - Mcgillacuddy

Stupid Trolls - VideoGamefan5

114 Pony Island
115 Oxenfree

Oxenfree was a terribly underrated game that was released early January/late December. It's got a great story and mechanics, really would recommend it...

116 Rolling Sky

I think its one of the most addicting games EVERRR

I love this game but it gets really hard after level 2. I have past:
.Level 1
.Bonus level 1
.Level 2
I am now playing bonus level 2 and level 3. This is just my opinion so there is no need for an argument.

117 The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition

Very good game no idea why this is in the hundreds.

118 Mystic Messenger
119 Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
120 Pokemon Z

It was really good but I couldn't read it cause it was all in chinese

This isn't even an actual game - zekrombolt9000

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