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101 Friday the 13th: The Game V 4 Comments
102 Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

I've just work as a sniper
it is so close to the reality

103 Ori and the Blind Forest

I loved this game, But it was a bit hard

Ori is the best game ever!

104 Super Mario Run

It really isn't that original, but it has its moments. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who gives Super Mario Run a 6/10 (a 5/10 for the presentation, a 7/10 for the characters and a 5/10 for the gameplay).

Love it

105 Homefront: The Revolution V 1 Comment
106 Superhot
107 Pewdiepie's Tuber Simulator

Much betterthan the channel that consists of a man giving weak attempts of humor by laughing at a computer screen.

No comments?

Not touching' this, since PDP touched it. - mattstat716

Nope. - DapperPickle

108 Firewatch

Why the hell this game is down here.THIS GAME HAS AMAZING STORY! and really great graphics. so please vote for this game. this game should be at under 10.

109 Attack on Titan

Great graphics.

AOT for the win!

110 Just Dance 2017

I could have fun with This, even though there's trash songs in it like Watch me - VideoGamefan5

Yay RIGHT I play 2014 and it was way detter

Music âœ" dance âœ" loosing weight âœ" Fun âœ" PERFECT - MelanieMartinez

111 The Witness
112 Oxenfree

Oxenfree was a terribly underrated game that was released early January/late December. It's got a great story and mechanics, really would recommend it...

I will never understand how Oxenfree is so underrated. Everything about it is perfect! The characters are phenomenal, the dialogue is smart, the artsyle and soundtrack are awesome etc. But my favorite thing about Oxenfree is that it's cliché, but not cliché. On paper, its plot of "a group of teens discover something they shouldn't have" sounds boring. But during all of my six(yes, I've played six times) playthroughs, it never felt cliché. Everything amazing about it, from characters to dialogue destroyed the thought of it being cliché. Not only is it different from the plot it originates from, but it spits in the face of the plot it originates from. So, do I recommend Oxenfree? YES. Just...please play it. You will love it

113 Trackmania Turbo
114 Hearts of Iron IV

This game is amazing. Being able to play as any country you want and making it a super power is awesome. Paradox continues to amaze me. - huntlee17

115 The Jackbox Party Pack 3
116 Ultimate Arena
117 The Little Acre
118 Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice
119 Sonic Advance 3

But this game was not made in the year 2016! it was made somewhere in the 00's, I think 2004 - PampaZapp

Are you kidding me? Who the HELL put this game here? - Mcgillacuddy

Stupid Trolls - VideoGamefan5

120 Pony Island
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