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161 Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers
162 Layers of Fear

I get scared of it all nite I wet my bed

163 Monster Jam: Crush It!
164 Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Please. This crap is overrated and utter garbage.

You haven't played it then. Ah well, typical for you haters to write crap like this. - DCfnaf

I love this game it's amazing and the theory's on it too I just think it should be higher on this list

This game is the 2nd best FNaF game. I used to be a huge FNaF fanboy, but now I just play the games for fun. It has its semi free roam and change of pace every time. There is actual plot and character in this. The Custom Night and lore are neat little treats. Man this game should be a little higher. Ignore the haters. - DCfnaf

I'm like one of the biggest FNAF fan boys ever and this game, well the whole entire franchise has an amazing STORLINE. So stupid of how people think it's overrated and crap or trash. It's not. Who cares if your just sitting there - wait in FNAF sister location you move around but who cares if in the other ones your just sitting there, YOU GET SCARED, YOU GET TO TRY AND FIGURE OUT THE STORY LINE, there's way more then just sitting there. You can try and figure out who purple guy is and stuff! (I know purple guy is Michael afton.

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165 Tyranny

A fast paced, but emotionally overloaded RTS, made by Obsidian Entertainment, and published by Paradox Interactive. High quality writing (as always), and easy-to-learn mechanics. I just love it! - VelocyFaptor

166 Genital Jousting

Truly a pleasure to play

This game saved my life!

Who added this lmao

Of course - SansTheComic

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167 Duke Nukem 3D
168 Quantum Break
169 Owlboy
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