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161 Clash Royale

A great game. Challenging but worth it. - Cheeseyburgerus

I love this game why isn't it higher

Fun, addicting, angering, and stressful - GuitarMann


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162 Mirror's Edge: Catalyst V 3 Comments
163 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

An excellent Video game with the most engaging BAttle System alongside Bowser's Inside Story! HOWEVER, there is a little bit too much padding and filler which kind of just slows the whole entire Video Game Down. HOWEVER, I will still highly recommend this Video Game to all of you! I highly recommend it! Despite all of the padding and filler that it has and/or possesses, it is a very great Video game with Very Great Characters and Very great Gameplay and music. the music is awesome, especially the final boss battle theme in my opinioN! They're aren't really any new characters I n here, but the ones who are already hear are all portrayed so darn well. - HeavyDonkeyKong

HeavyDonkeyKong, could you please tell me what battle system is/means/is genuinely observed? At the same time as I, Kieran Stark (aka the Ultimate Daredevil) am confused about what a video game's battle system is, I am getting the point. I sorta like this game, even though it is the weakest of all the Mario & Luigi RPGs (unlike Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's predecessors, which are heavily underrated because of their sharp retro presentations! Yeah, I still said it! ) and Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the only Mario RPG that is (much) worse than Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam even though it is not as unplayable as Hydilide. Classic Nintendo > Modern Nintendo (and it's because of FAR more reasons than just Princess Peach getting kidnapped to make the Mario franchise at least a bit more anti-feminist).

I really don't think you should make a list about games you likely haven't played fully yet, but since I can tell that Paper Jam will most likely obliterate every other Mario and Luigi game so far, it gets my vote. - Garythesnail

I love this game!

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164 Alekhine's Gun
165 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Good game. People like to rant on Call of Duty. I wasn't a big fan of the jet packs, but it actually adds a whole different dimension to the game. Don't get me wrong I'm just as excited for the next "boots on the ground" Call of Duty an anyone. But you have to respect the progression. I think of all the futuristic Call of Duty's so far this one has it down the best. It has the "more realistic" qualities of the infinity ward games, yet brings in some treyarch qualities as well. It's the perfect blend of black ops 3 and modern warfare 3. Good game. The game I've put most hours into from 2016. - Graham

Shouldn't it be called Call of Duty 4: modern warfare With Infinite warfare included

This series is pretty much out of fuel now - Mcgillacuddy

Worst game of 2016

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166 Layers of Fear

I get scared of it all nite I wet my bed

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