The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Masterpiece in gaming general but not godly as the old games. Almost all the praise comes from the overworld itself. Even the oldest games, except Skyward sword and maybe Wind Waker (bad designed overworld but with freedom until this game) are most solid games in all departments, specially STORY, DUNGEONS, music

By far the most captivating game I have played this year. It creates a longing for adventure that no other game has managed to make me feel. Every time I put this game down I wish I could play another hour or two. The graphics while outdated, are still super cinematic and look better than many of the "ultra" graphics on other games. - nhs_student

I need this game so bad but it's hard to get the Nintendo Switch because they keep selling out. Even if I haven't played it yet, my gut is telling me that this is going to me my most favorite video game of all time. (And I'm not even that big on Legend Of Zelda like other people) - Rue

I had doubts before it's release, figured it was going to turn out overrated, but now that it's out I've heard nothing but stellar 10/10's. After playing it I can only agree, an amazing experience that deserves all of the hype.

This put Nintendo back on the map. - DMacLean15

Everyone make this GotY. Amazing game, great and relaxing soundtrack (Most of the time, if you don't count those freaky guardians) PLUS if you bought the DLC there's Master Mode which is even more challenging, for those who get bored. It's not perfect, but it's enough to be Game of the Year. - MaxPap

In Horizon Zero Dawn, you cannot burn trees, set fire to grass, recollect arrow, electrify water, kill fish, hunt for food, cut trees down for wood, mine, climb any surface, adapt to survive in many different environments including deserts, artic tundras, volcanos, forests, swamps, seasides, thunder realms, mountains, open plains and ancient ruins. Horizon may have more realistic graphics and a more narative story, but Zelda has more realistic detail and physics, a truly free open wolrd full of monsters, animals and small settlements with memorable characters, beautifly shaded graphics and 5 awesome and different dungeons accompanied by 120 clever shrines full of puzzles and challenges. GOTY by far, worth the cost of a Switch.

How could you not love this game? The extremely large open world map and the combat and game puzzles. So Fun!

It's a fantastic game, I don't really think it's the best of game the year, it's fun and you can explore all of it. 10/10 - Q-Q

Being hailed as one of the greatest games of all time, number 4 highest rated game on metacritic with a score of 98 as a write this, already sold out after only 3 days as I write this, as well as taking the series in a whole new amazing direction. That is how you make a video game.

Does this really need an explanation?

Amazing animation definitely the best video game that I have ever played

I played it for the first time on a friends Wii U. Its graphics can't even COMPARE to Halo and Battlefront, but the game itself and the cool weapons and monsters are great. I still think Halo 5 is the best I've played this year.

I always loved this video game from the first edition it amazing - sao

I have played this and it is my favorite game of all time.

One of the only noteworthy games to come out this year

Fawful's Minion said it best, "it's Distraction the game." - GreninjaGuy

This is one of the greatest games I've ever played!

Absolutely incredible. Better than Ocarina of time and Skyward Sword.

Not just best game of 2017, best game of all time!

This got a 10/10 what else do I got to say?

I love being able to play as zelda, he looks good in green

Amazing game. It can keep you busy for hours on end.

Yeah, it deserves the 10/10's it's been getting. It's amazing. - eventer51314

Best Zelda since Link to the Past