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21 Mass Effect: Andromeda

I like mass effect but mass effect andromeda is exception so many bug and no music when exploring it make boring - Rajalatief

The game is awesome and still feels like Mass Effect. Some people just don't give credit where credit is due.

Really bad

awful - Ale9991

22 Splatoon 2

OH, you know, not like this is the #1 game for the Switch right now, nah, nah, OBVIOUSLY a port with minor bits of DLC sprinkled on is OBVIOUSLY better. (Sarcasm noted) - mattstat716

If it's okay for Call of Duty to do this all the time, why isn't it okay for Splatoon to do this? - thunderstar1124

Splatoon 2 may have less content than Splatoon 1 now, but let's not forget that Splatoon 1 had even less content than Splatoon 2 when it came out. - thunderstar1124

This game is really fun

We NEED top 5 - growlbunny

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23 Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

So? Super Mario Odyssey is far up the list and they sure aren't released yet...

Is not released yet - Rajalatief

It is the toppest game ever


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24 Subnautica
25 South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Not out yet for Xbox One but I've seen lots of youtubers play it and it looks cool. TSOT was amazing so I kind of expect this to be better. - venomouskillingmachine

26 Miitopia
27 Metroid: Samus Returns
28 Cars 3: Driven to Win

Best grahics of 2017 confirmed

29 Middle Earth: Shadow of War

I played shadow of mordor in my opinion it wasn't a good game - ikerevievs

How can you call it good if the game has not been released yet. - YourWaifuSucks

30 Outlast 2
31 The End is Nigh

This needs to be higher. It's fun looking for all the secrets, plus the game is addictive! - The01Bro

I love this game.

Edmund McMillen's hardest game yet! - The01Bro

Edmund has done it again! �"�

32 Shenmue 3
33 Sniper Elite 4
34 MLB The Show 17

Best baseball game ever

35 Destiny 2

Love the game and should be higher on the list and I will waste the weekend away - AlmigtyTiger18

Destiny will be my life from september 6 all the way to the next big expansion

Should be higher than Nintendo switch NBA2K18 Trash

Worst dlc of all time and worst game of the year, anything about this game sucks. At least the kids that but eat feed the developers because an intelligent or adult person would not buy this. This game is a theft with all the words. - Ale9991

36 Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
37 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
38 Tekken 7

This game is awesome, why is it below injustice 2? - Ale9991

How can injustice be higher than this? - Triceratops

This needs to be in the top 10

39 Kingdom Hearts III

How do we know when they aren't released

40 Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

I love Danganronpa series. It's so good despite being that underrated :'( - Tuana123

Yay! More Danganronpa! If it weren't so unknown, it would at least be in the top 15.

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