Sonic Mania


My Top 5 Sonic Gamesathon! 1.) Sonic Mania. A great game, best one ever. It's like it re-creates Sonic all over again but 20x as awesome. 2.) Sonic The Hedgehog 3. IT SAVES! Awesome levels. Ice Cap Zone is the best. 3.) Sonic Battle Adventure 2. This game is mainly the reason why I became a SEGAddict in the first place. 4.) SEGA Superstars Tennis. Tennis+Sonic= 4th best Sonic game ever. Awesome missions and everything. 5.) Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Characters may not look that good but the stages are great. Good game.

The most quality Sonic game in a VERY long time. - cjWriter1997

Why is Mario Odyssey in the top 10, when it's not even out while this masterpiece of a game sits at 25?

Amazing 'pixel art' graphics, amazing gameplay, amazing music!

This should be way higher it's better than Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and any game up there (okay maybe not) - tacoperson

It puts us back about 20 years to the good old days.

A lot like the classic and best sonic games from the Genesis!

Way too fun! One question, why isn't this at at least number 3?._.

This game deserves a much better placing than this. Outplaced by two games that didn't even come out yet.

Must be in the top 10 at least, this game was a great return to classic sonic's 2D roots - RiadXcobra

This game is awesome,if Breath of the Wild and Odyssey didn't came out this year,sonic would have grabbed the cake - MarsBlast

This game is really good,i never played a sonic game before because I'm a crash bandicoot and Kirby fan but after playing this game I loved it,this game could save the sonic franchise its really hard but its just so cool! the soundtrack is amazing! the bosses are great! and when you get your hands on all the 7 chaos emeralds the fun just begins to be even better

Sonic Forces was a disappointment, but at least we got a Sonic game this year that was amazing. I absolutely love this game. The controls are spot on, we see Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in their true form, the soundtrack is catchy as hell, it’s visually stunning, and it actually has a high emphasis on going fast! The new zones could easily become fan favorites and the returning ones are stellar, too! Also, there are quite a bit of substantial changes in the second acts of returning levels with platforming elements that are super fun to use! This game takes everything that made previous Sonic games great and brings it here. Highly recommend to Sonic fans and newcomers alike. It’s an amazing value for $20! - thunderstar1124