Super Mario Odyssey


Princess Peach will be dainty in that game at times, but I will not use that as an excuse to dislike this anyways.

Legit became one of, maybe even the best Mario game I've ever played. It not only became a good 3d platformer, but it became more open-world type rather than just levels. You could even change Mario's outfit and looks in shops (like a diver or explorer). But the cap feature just added many interesting abilities, where I could finally be the enemies that were REALLY annoying. Great level design, great exploration, interesting characters included, great gameplay, and very interesting with some other fun features, easy 10/10.

I predicted that this game wouldn't live up to Breath of the Wild, and... While it's not as good as that masterpiece, it's my favorite Mario game since 64. This is the first Mario game in years to go back to the more exploration-based level design, and they've gotten WAY better at designing since then. The Cappy mechanic not only lets you capture enemies, but also gives you more flexibility with jumping. My only real complaint is that the music after New Donk City isn't as memorable. - Zach808

There is a reason this is another 10/10 game for the Nintendo Switch. It's a true contender with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Great game despite not being as good as Zelda. I'm gonna vote it anyway because I wanna see something else on top other than Zelda.

I absolutely adore this game. I love it when mario travels into space and he fights many bosses along the way. Spellbinding!

This game is just amazing! 10/10 IGN Game of the year even though that I bet Breath of the wild will be the game of the year - Aidanisawesome

For everyone who's assuming this game will be good before it's even released, I have three words for you: "No Man's Sky".

Oh yeah this is supposed to be so good!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is so overrated. This is one of the BEST! Being able to possess others is an amazing feature. We originally thought Cappy was just going to be one of those annoying sidekicks, but he is probably the best out of the bunch.

I give up no thing is better than zelda even through zelda is my favourite game 0:

The game's out now, and it's awesome. Get it to #1 guys! - Bliss

If my Grandma is in love with this game, everyone should love this game! - PowerKamek

Why is this game not number 1! its fun has good songs and its fun to 100% or speed run this game

This takes the cake, it's like an upgrade from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 64! - Pzubrikov

Yet it will be the best Mario game of all time.

One of the greatest video games of all time! - darthvadern

Well it's out now, and it is every bit as brilliant as could be hoped!

Why is Breath Of The Wild at the top? This game should be number one!

Why isn't this #1? This game kept me interested for hours and hours! - PowerKamek

I hate these lists. They're made before 2017 even comes to an END. - mattstat716

It is the most exotic mario game!

This is literally one of the best and original games 10/10!

I really had a lot of fun playing this. Outside of having Cappy as a great partner, there are so many kingdoms worth visiting and one heck of a challenge in the very end. I'm thinking a strong 8/10 for this one. - NiktheWiz

Finally something new for the Mario franchise. - Randomator