Top Ten Video Games of the 21st Century

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221 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
222 Pikmin 2
223 Diablo III
224 Dishonored
225 Doom 3
226 Demon's Souls
227 Sunset Overdrive
228 Unreal Tournament III
229 Max Payne 3
230 Deus Ex
231 Twisted Metal: Black
232 WWE 2K16
233 Final Fantasy XIII

This game is remarkable. I know that the story is linear, and whatnot. What I like about this game is the complexity, and character building. Graphics are impressive, you could literally take a break from killing monsters, and just stare at the beautiful sights of Gran Pulse. The music is ' awesome, I could listen to it all night til I fall asleep. Battle system is breathtaking, and adrenaline pumping you really have to think fast, especially when encountering bosses. You just can't brute force your way out of enemies, you need to think of different strategies. The only downside of this game, in my opinion, is you cannot overlevel, it gave me a hard time finishing off bosses. Still, this is one of the best games I've ever played. This game is hated, for not following the FF tradition, I understand that, but innovation is the key to success. This game is successful and beautiful in its own way. I regret not playing it when it was released.

234 Shovel Knight
235 Henry Hatsworth In the Puzzling Adventure
236 Kid Icarus: Uprising
237 Mario Kart Wii
238 Xenogears
239 Xenosaga
240 Splatoon
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1. Super Smash Bros. for 3ds and Wii U
2. Disney Infinity 3.0
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