Top Ten Video Games of the 21st Century

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81 Dead Space

You are right it haunts you. I heard of many people stop playing the game after a few minutes. Just for tough people. After playing this at night the visit of a mental hospital can be little bit closer. The atmosphere is incredibly dazing. The creatures are moving like... No, I'm ending this here. You play it at your own risk.

Dead space redefined terror in video games, no game before or since has left me so shaken... It will haunt me till I die.

Dead space is a great horror game they really made the atmosphere realistically scary

82 Far Cry 3

Farcry Instincts will always be better than Farcry 3. This game was what made Farcry popular. Everything you can do in Farcry 3 you can do in Instinctd. And you can't even crawl in Farcry 3. What kind of stealth game doesn't include crawling. - TheGrammarPolice

The best FPS game out there! Its mechanics are even far more greater than other fps war themed games! Witch matching best graphics and a large open world to explore. Driving cars here is more realistic than of those car simulator like Forza & GT. hands down FC3 is one of the best, but its downsides is the boss fights and I was not satisfied with the story. I want more of this games story!

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83 Alien: Isolation

Great game, made me feel so helpless when I saw the alien.

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84 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
85 Star Wars Battlefront II

BEST GAME EVER! And I'm not just saying that because I really like it, I'm saying that because it is LITERALLY the BEST GAME EVER! I play it pretty much every day and it gives you the full experience of Star Wars warfare.

86 FIFA Soccer 13
87 Call of Duty: Black Ops

How was ghosts above this lmfao

88 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

This game changed the way RPG games were viewed back when it was released. It's still the best Elder Scrolls game with an amazing environment, great lore, unique enemies and fantastic music.

89 Bioshock 2
90 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

I really enjoyed this game, it was different to the other Battlefields but fun non the less.

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91 Batman: Arkham Origins
92 The X-Files: Resist or Serve
93 Fallout 4

The decisions you make feel like they are your own and the game overall makes you think of the game I have ever played.

94 Portal
95 Silent Hill 2
96 Dead Island
97 Call of Duty: Black Ops III

The game makes up for the constant repetition you'll see in each Call of Duty's multiplayer (minus Advanced Warfare which wasn't a good game.) the zombies return better than ever with a brand new story line and set of maps that make Black ops 2's installment of zombies look like Exo-zombies. Plus you can't go wrong with seeing the return of Dempsey, Rictofen, Nikolai and Takieo.

98 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
99 Mario Strikers Charged
100 Left 4 Dead

Forever changed our idea of what zombies can be in video games.

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