Top Ten Video Games that are the Hardest to Complete 100%

These are the games that are the nost difficult to compleye 100% that means getting every item in the game, beating all the optional bosses, completing all the side quests and getting all the aciviments.

The Top Ten

1 Crash Bandicoot

Getting every gem in the game is a pretty tall order in order to get a gem in each level you need to break every box in the level without dying, if you die then the box counter resets forcing you to restart the level not only that but you need to find the keys to unlock hidden levels and get the gems from them. - egnomac

2 Super Meat Boy

This game is already difficult to begin with but having to get all the bandages and completing the achievements to get 100% is near impossible. - egnomac

3 Hyrule Warriors
4 Kingdom Hearts

Again there's a lot to collect in this game and the optional bosses are just brutal espically Sephiroth. - egnomac

5 Super Mario Galaxy 2

There is just so much content in this that it is crazy. - DCfnaf

Many of the later stars become increasingly difficult to get espically the green stars. - egnomac

6 Super Mario Sunshine

The real challenge is getting all the blue coins in the game which you need to get the rest of the shine sprites but if you don't have a strategy guide your going to be searching for a long time. - egnomac

7 Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

By far the hardest Pokemon games to capture every Pokemon in the game. - egnomac

Nigh-impossible. What with events and all. - FuzzySlippers

8 XenoBlade Chronicles
9 Grand Theft Auto III

There are so many things to complete in this game its going to take a very long time to get 100% - egnomac

10 Sonic Unleashed

Yes we all do

The Contenders

11 Banjo-Tooie

Some of the Jiggys in the game can be difficult to obtain as well as some of the Cheato Pages. - egnomac

12 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Obviously. - Lord28

13 Donkey Kong 64
14 New Super Mario Bros Wii

This game is so hard. yeauh

15 Sonic the Hedgehog 3

All the bosses in the final world invicible all time! and the final level's enemies too!

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