Top Ten Video Games Caillou Should Get Sent Into


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1 Dead Space V 2 Comments
2 Five Nights at Freddy's

He will get stuffed into a suit! Yay! - kitten2015

He would be crying hysterically and I would be laughing. - ToptenPizza

These animals are not loving Caillou

Boris will ground him after fnaf

V 4 Comments
3 Slenderman

Caillou death for being child

4 Left 4 Dead

Poor Caillou will become Zombie

5 Prototype 2
6 Bully

I would like to see Russell beat him up. He would be friends with Sheldon and Mandy too because all 3 of them are annoying. - GoldenRocket

I hope Jimmy Hopkins kicks his butt! - nintendofan126

7 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Hell yeah! I'd want like to see him scream like a baby! This is what he deserve for being a brat!

8 Manhunt
9 Happy Wheels

He would get harpooned

V 1 Comment
10 Mortal Kombat

This should be higher up - CastlevaniaFanboy128

The Newcomers

? Pokemon Moon

Lunala! Use Moongeist Beam on Caillou! - Lunala

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Bros.

So that way, he could be eaten by Bowser! - Turkeyasylum

V 1 Comment
12 Super Smash Bros.

Yeah! Send him to Super Smash Bros so Bowser can kick his ass and send him flying to hell!

13 Bubsy
14 Undertale

1) You're trapped in a dark prison below the earth with a bunch of monsters

2) There's always the possibility of a Genocide Run and then destruction of the world occuring

3) No matter how hard you work on something or how far you come in life, time will often restart and you will be brought back to the start with no memory at all of the past timeline

... Yep, I think Caillou's gonna have a bad time in this game. - RoleplayerR

This isn't a good one. He'll just cry his way out of the bullet hell. - doodie

15 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

"All you had to do was stand on front of the damn train, Caillou! " - doodie

He will get shot. - Connor360

You can run over the little puke numerous times. - AlphaQ

16 Night Trap V 1 Comment
17 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
18 Splatoon

He will be sad cause he is trapped in paint and he will get pushed off a cliff by a squid - TheKirbyCreeper999

Please don't send cancer into this game. - mattstat716

Splatoon sucks so hard caillou sucks too!

He would get roller'd

19 Minecraft

It would be cool to see this because Steve will kill Caillou with his sword

We can force ALL baby shows into Minecraft

Caillou gets shot by an arrow from a skeleton

Barney gets blown up by a creeper

Dora gets her brain eaten by a zombie

Elmo dies of a poison spell from a Witch

and Mr. Rogers gets burned by a blaze

V 2 Comments
20 Xenoblade Chronicles V 1 Comment
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1. Bully
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1. Dead Space
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