Top Ten Video Games Dora the Explorer Should Get Sucked Into

Here are some video games Dora the Explorer should get sucked into.

The Top Ten

1 Deadspace

She woulden't last a second!

2 Mortal Kombat X

And then all the characters would perform a group fatality on Dora - AlexImmortal420

Dora woulden't even take a hit!

3 Dragon Ball Raging Blast

Goku would get annoyed by Dora's questions and he would use a kamahama on dora

Dora: Wheres the Mountain?
Goku: Its right in front of your face
Dora: Wheres the Mountain?
Goku: I just said it! It's in front of your face!
Dora: Wheres the...
(Shoots dora)

4 Street Fighter

And if M. Bison killed Dora, M. Bison's alignment would change from Lawful Evil to Lawful Good (M. Bison is one of my favorite Street Fighter characters) - AlexImmortal420

Seroius Shoruyken to Dora's face!

5 Five Nights at Freddy's

She would get stuffed in a suit!

6 Call of Duty

She would get killed easily!

7 Bioshock
8 God of War
9 Metal Gear Solid
10 Slenderman

Slenderman would definitely use his tentacles to kill Dora.

The Contenders

11 Superman

No! This game SUCKS!

12 Undertale

I think sans will make dora a bad time

13 Minecraft

Dora gets shot by an arrow from a skeleton
Boots gets blown up by a creeper
Isa gets her brain eaten by a zombie
Benny dies from a poison spell from a witch
and Tico gets burned by a blaze

14 Final Fight

Mike Haggar should do a serious pile driver to Dora's face!

15 Far Cry 4

Dora would explore Kyrat and a tiger would kill her

16 Scary Maze Game

Dora: I can easily squeeze through these walls *Scary face jumps out*

17 Conker's Bad Fur Day
18 Happy Wheels
19 Manhunt

She would get punched in the face.

20 Bubsy 3D
21 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
22 Spooky's House of Jump Scares
23 Murder Mystery Róblox
24 Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII
25 King's Quest VII
26 Yandere Simulator
27 Cuphead
28 Earthworm Jim
29 Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning
30 Little Nightmares
31 Touhou Project
32 Myst (Game)
33 Resident Evil 7
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