Top 10 Video Games Franchises We Waste Time Playing

The Top Ten

1 Minecraft

Definitely the game that makes spend hours and hours in front of my computer, what else can I say? Minecraft = Waste of time

2 Call of Duty

Hand nerds enjoy this a lot and quite

3 Flappy Bird

At least Minecraft and Call of Duty have purposes. Flappy Bird is a legitimately pointless game. - Garythesnail

Which is the aim of this game?

4 Clash of Clans
5 Angry Birds

Yes but well worth bastard

It's a good game, yet overrated. - Garythesnail

I really hate angry birds. - nintendofan126

6 Battlefield
7 Halo
8 Pac-Man
9 Super Smash Bros

I hate a thing about smash bros for being an overhyped YouTube ruling piece of garbage people on YouTube waste their time watching some overrated use playing its ust some roaming character we control so special just no sense why everyone on YouTube is wasting time and money on smash bros its like Minecraft I'm tired they wont let smash bros go away they never went crazy over other Nintendo games like kirby triple deluxe and Zelda link between worlds so why some free roaming character

10 Pokemon

The Contenders

11 Fortnite

Worst game ever.

Only if you're addicted to it and play too much! If you play it like the only game in the world! My neighbor is very addicted to it! He ONLY plays Fortnite! So much that he gets grounded from it! He got grounded this February and got ungrounded this month in May. But he got grounded again. SHREKT! He still plays secretly sometimes. But once my best friend came over to have a sleepover with me and my brother. And my neighbor came to get a mouse at our home that he forgot once. And he asked my bro to play Fortnite at like 9:30. Seriously! Our best friend came on a rare occasion! We barely meet him! And yesterday, he kept nagging by bro to play Fortnite at out house on our computers. But my bro didn't wanna. And my neighbor was like "No. You have to." My bro couldn't play though cause the PC version keeps crashing. And my bro deleted Fortnite on his PC when my neighbor wasn't around. DOUBLE SHREKT!

Make this #1! Everyone plays this for hours these days!

12 Sims

There's no point to this game and it's such a time waster!

14 Madden NFL
15 Mario Bros.
16 Sonic the Hedgehog
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