Top Ten Video Games That Have Been Blamed by the Mainstream Media for Being Harmful to Children

You and I may not agree with the accusations that the games on this list have received, but they were blamed by the mainstream media for one thing or another.

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1 Grand Theft Auto

*sigh* Sensitive parents. Complaining about violence in a game that isn't even for kids. - The01Bro

This is why I think this is one of the worst video games of all time - darthvadern

So because someone says it causes violence (In which it doesn't) You hate it? - B1ueNew

Imagine getting triggered over a game that isn't even real. - B1ueNew

Blamed for: making kids violent and increasing gun violence - Atham

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2 Call of Duty

I mostly hear the blame on Call of Duty than Grand Theft Auto v

"hur video games causes violence" - Not_A_Weeaboo

Blamed for: making kids violent and increasing gun violence - Atham

Not as bad as Grand Theft Auto but still pretty bad - darthvadern

3 Fortnite

Blamed for: a large number of things, ranging from making kids violent to becoming addictive to kids - Atham

It's free but I'm not sure I will download it on my Switch - darthvadern

Fortnite is trash anyways. its gameplay should be deterent

4 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!

Blamed for: making people distracted while walking, causing them to walk into poles and off of cliffs and whatnot. It was blamed for a few other similar things as well. - Atham

I stopped playing it after some time in early 2017 because it drove me mad - darthvadern

5 Star Wars Battlefront 2

Blamed for: encouraging gambling, microtransactions, lootboxes, pay-to-win gameplay, and other generally looked-down-upon business tactics. - Atham

6 Mortal Kombat

Blamed for: being too violent when the series first came out. The series was one of the lead driving forces to create the ESRB rating system. - Atham

7 Doki Doki Literature Club! Doki Doki Literature Club!

I really love Doki Doki Literature Club! But I must say I was a bit surprised ind this game when you know Monika kinda...Anyways it looks like a cute game so it kinda attracts smaller children (Even though there was a warning but okay)
There is: Blood Violence Suicide Cuss words and well jumpscares... But like I said I really love this game so I'm not trying to hate.

This is why I hate BBC News, and will always hate it until I die. No, scratch that; I LOATH BBC NEWS.

Blamed for: a teen's suicide - Atham

DDLC: Warning this game is not for children or those who are easily distur-

BBC News: AA

8 Roblox Roblox

Blamed for: having a large amount of child molesters and predators, and having inappropriate games for children. - Atham

9 Minecraft Minecraft

Well, I adore this game though, survival mode and creative mode are timeless classics, however, I will admit people love it for weird reasons (like servers and mods) - darthvadern

Blamed for: becoming too addictive for kids - Atham

Sucks. - B1ueNew

10 No Man's Sky

I bet no kids even bought this game. Heck even know this game exists. - B1ueNew

Blamed for: not having the features promised at launch - Atham

The Contenders

11 World of Warcraft

Blamed for people being too addictive and the microtranscations. - B1ueNew

12 Flappy Bird
13 Sims 2
14 Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
15 Five Nights at Freddy's
16 Sonic the Hedgehog

Should be blamed for making a cancerous fanbase alright. - B1ueNew

17 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This game is addictive and so many kids in southeast asia are addicted to this game and this game is blamed for breakups - RoseCandyMusic

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