Best Video Games of January Thru June 2019

Here are the best video games that released in the half of the year of 2019. If you want to submit a game on the list, it has to be a game that released from January through June 2019.

The Top Ten

1 Devil May Cry 5

Dantae returns. And it was worth the wait. Everything in this game sparks joy. The soundtrack is the best in the series, the gameplay is solid, the story is great, and Dantae isn’t edgy. Not that’s a bad thing or anything. Overall it’s the best game of the year so far. - RadioHead03

2 Resident Evil 2

A solid remake. This isn’t your typical rehash remaster. There are so many new elements in this game. The controls are so much better. Plus this game has a revamped map built from the ground up, and new elements. This is how you do a remake, and they did it very well. - RadioHead03

3 Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 adds more content than the first one. A story mode, more locations, online multiplayer, local co-up, different characters to choose from, new items, the koopa car, a nighttime mode, and tons more. This game has so much content. A must own for any Switch owner. - RadioHead03

4 Cadence Of Hyrule

Holy crap this game is absolutely amazing. Everything about this game shines creativity. The gameplay, the difficulty, and the amazing soundtrack. Brace Yourself Games did a fantastic job on making an indie Zelda game. Nintendo should hire more indie developers to make more indie ip’s on Nintendo franchises. - RadioHead03

5 Mortal Kombat 11

Another Mortal Kombat game. And it’s bloodier than ever. The story mode is pretty great. As for the gameplay, it’s still the good old bloody gameplay. This game is fantastic, just like any main series Mortal Kombat game. - RadioHead03

6 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained is yet another metroidvania, Castlevania styled game. I picked it up on PS4. It’s pretty good. May not be perfect, but it’s a decent pick up if you like the Castlevania games. - RadioHead03

7 Kingdom Hearts III

I was very anticipated for this game. And I was kinda disappointed. Don’t get me wrong it’s a solid game, but the story was a little disappointing, and the hype just disappointed a little. But that doesn’t mean the game is bad. I love the new worlds like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Frozen. It’s a good game. Just the weakest in the series. - RadioHead03

8 Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

Honestly we didn’t need a remake on Crash Team Racing. How about a new installment? But you know what this is a good remake. All the tracks look great in the Unreal Engine. And they still play well. Only problem with this game is the game can run a little rough on online. Other than that, this is a great remake. - RadioHead03

9 Team Sonic Racing

When I was hearing more info about this game in it’s early days, I wasn’t really that excited for it. But after playing it, I enjoyed it. The tracks are pretty good, and the Team mechanic works really well. But the story mode is kinda lacking. Other than that, it’s a fun kart racer. - RadioHead03

10 Tetris 99

This is the best battle royale game ever made. Screw Fortnite. Screw PUBG. Screw Apex. This is the real deal. - RadioHead03

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