Top 10 Video Games that Make You Smash Stuff

From GTA San Andreas' catch the train, to a loss of a Forza Horizon race, these games can make you smash your controllers, your tv's and not only from nerves..

The Top Ten Video Games that Make You Smash Stuff

1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

One of two games that ever made me break a controller. Can get very frustrating. Also tedious when you have to drive long distances BECAUSE you screwed up a mission. - airbb

This game's mission called Catch The Train CJ or something like that pulled on my nerves, thank god I controlled it, I could smash my screen. - RollingTenzies

Usually it does.the classic game which makes everyone smashing the I had blown the cars with card,guns etc. - zxm

2 FIFA 17

Your beating a friend in fifa, suddenly things go horrible wrong and you eat 6 goals. What you do? Throw the controller in the floor (mostly in a rug) and it bounces and hits your T.V.. Then you regreted as soon your mother took your lunch money and you couldn't buy Mountain Dew and Doritos. - RollingTenzies

hmm? - zxm

3 Forza Horizon

This made me throw my controller into the backyard's door and smashed it, things didn't go well. - RollingTenzies

4 Grand Theft Auto V

A dude owns you, you keep trying to own him back, you can't. You message him in xbox live "hey dude stop hacking" he replys "make me" and then you try to kill him, you killed him and suddenly when you killed him, another dude kills you. Then you bang your head in the hard sofa. - RollingTenzies

5 Minecraft

Your playing skywars with your friend in a random server, he kills you, you kill him, and then you going to another server, he joins that server you went secretly, and trolls you, ending up spending 10 lava buckets. You get up, bang head, kick the wall (which is made off plasterboard) and smash it. - RollingTenzies

Your boy already plays this fam

6 League of Legends

Ah.. League of Legends, hot Katarina, shorty Teemo. But you keep getting owned by a just joined noob. You find a strategy online, try it, it failed, end up smashing your screen, and later cuss the dude who made the strategy from your smartphone - RollingTenzies

7 London 2012

As you jump and land to balance, you fail, and you land your head in the T.V.. You end up throwing the game in the garbage and smiling, :D - RollingTenzies

8 Skate 3

You can't land an Late Shuvit as your mission says, you have nerves, try it 2 more times and then your done. End up smashing a brand new controller. - RollingTenzies

9 Flappy Bird

This isn't at least top 10? Faith in humanity lost.

It is now mate, it is now.

Oh god - Doggus

10 Super Smash Bros Brawl


The Contenders

11 Dark Souls 2

That boss keeps looking ugly and killing you, and in the final try he has 3 health and you 30, and he counters as you hit him and making you lose 50 health. Smash your controller and the stress is gone. - RollingTenzies

This should be number 1. Anybody that didn't vote for this one has never played it. It make's you throw your controll er all over the place in the first 30 minutes.

The best game ever...also, one that I hate almost as much as I love.

12 Geometry Dash

My friend smAshed his phone because of this

I broke me iphone 7 playing this

so ragey

13 The Impossible Quiz
14 Grand Theft Auto Vice City

This game is known for making a lot of gamers mind into smashing minds - zxm

15 Super Smash Bros (2014)

It contains the word "smash" in the title. 'enough said.

16 Sly 2: Band of Thieves
17 Super Mario Maker

A japanese dude made a level called Haruki La Tuski Sushi (not a real word) you try to beat it. And when you spawn... You die, you find other levels, and same stuff happen. You end up throwing your full wii u system in Gamestop's dumpster. at least you helped a Dumpster Diver. - RollingTenzies

18 Bloodborne

Not as hard as Dark Souls series, but saying that is like saying the ocean isn't as deep as the grand canyon.

19 Goat Simulator
20 SpongeBob Heropants
21 SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge
22 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The Glitches Are So Bad That They Can Piss You Off

23 WWE 2K16

Ok I said it's a fun game but some times it pisses me off so bad - MrMonkey

24 Midnight Club 2

Extremely difficult races. NPC bragging when you're losing and even winning gets very annoying too. - airbb

25 FIFA 16
26 Warface

It is a good game but the community sucks bullcrap, not only they are false reporting, in every server there's an aimbotter or a camper. - RollingTenzies

27 WWF Attitude
28 Call of Duty: Ghosts
29 Overwatch

My favourite game I play it all the time, but it gets me really mad and there’s a toxic community. Amazing game bad community.

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