Top 10 Video Games that Need to Appear at E3 2018

The Top Ten

1 The Last of Us Part II
2 Cyberpunk 2077
3 Splinter Cell Reboot
4 Respawn's Star Wars Game
5 Shadow of the Tomb Rider
6 FromSoftware's New Game

Still no title - Ale99

7 Resident Evil 2 Remake
8 Crystal Dynamics' Avengers Game
9 Doom II
10 Devil May Cry 5

The Contenders

11 Red Dead Redemption 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Product Image
12 Star Fox Zero for Switch
13 New F-Zero Game
14 Super Smash Bros. for Switch
15 Dreams
16 Sonic Mania Sequel or DLC
17 New Sonic Game
18 Psasbr Sequel or Remaster for Ps4
19 Virtual Console for Switch
20 Grand Theft Auto VI
21 Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remastered
22 Kingdom Hearts III

No it doesn't need to be cancelled. If you're going to be negative about a game being on a list then don't vote for it. You don't need to spread your disgusting negativity on this page and ruin it for everyone else.


23 Mario Kart 8 for Switch
24 A Mass Effect 2 Remake
25 Mother 4's Official Game
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