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81 Mortal Kombat vs. Soul Calibur

This sounds like a good idea, both games use weapons

82 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III

The First two games were so amazing, they really need to make a third one, I would buy it on launch night.

The KotOR and TSL were so good, I want them to make a sequel so bad!

83 Legend of Zelda the Eternal Chainsaw

that would be SIIIIIIIICK!

I like this idea! I like it!

84 Grand Theft Auto: Global Gunner

I have wanted a game like that to be made for a long time! I can't wait to see if it happens. It will be awesome! Too bad it probably won't come out very soon.

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85 Virtua Fighter 6
86 Tekken 7
87 Battlefield 4
88 World Heroes 5
89 Marvel vs. DC Universe
90 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed lll
91 Duck Hunting 2016
92 Earthbound 3ds
93 Grand Theft Auto 6
94 Far Cry 5
95 Assassin's Creed V
96 WCS - World's Cartoon Smackdown

Includes cartoon characters! No anime characters allowed! - Stephen2

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97 Mario Kart: Triple Thrash

2 people per kart is old school, how about 3? -

98 Guitar Hero Iron Maiden
99 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 5
100 Mario Kart U
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