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101 The Hunger Games
102 Final Fantasy 69 (LXIX)
103 Sega vs Capcom vs Marvel vs DC vs 21th Century Fox Cartoons

I have nothing to say other than...
that would be freakin awesome first it should include 108 characters, a hell lot of backgrounds, and amazing action combos and graphics. oh and it ven has a brilliant story of how they meet and how each of them ends. - nightblazer534

I doubt this would actually be a game. I mean with a title like that and a BIG crossover like that? Nope I don't think it is even 1 percent close of becoming a real game

104 SingStar Linkin Park

Yess, Linkin Park singin or maybe a Linkin Park exclusive rock band or guitar hero, butt... This sagas are dead D:

105 Blaze the Cat Blaze the Cat

Blaze the cat, one of the best sonic characters has her own dimension and villian, eggman nega. Why not make a game about it?

106 Bully 2

HOW IS BULLY 2 SO LOW ON THIS LIST (battlefront3 is alredy in the works

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107 Bioshock: Absolution

Subtitle could be anything, Absolution is just a suggestion. And it could be about city under the ground or in space (or rather not). - UniqueUniverse

108 Dance Dance Revolution (Undertale Mix)
109 Five Nights at Flowey's
110 Another Metroid 2 Remake (Official Console Port)

Seriously, just play the game and you'll understand - xandermartin98

111 Showdown: Legends of Wrestling 2
112 Ultimate Fighters
113 Guitar Hero: Anniversary
114 Tearaway 2
115 Pokemon Ranger 4
116 Slender Rising 3
117 Naruto vs Dragon Ball
118 Luigi's Mansion 3
119 Watch Dogs 3
120 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2
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