Top 10 Video Games That People Have Waited an Extremely Long Time For

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1 Half-Life 3

Blame Microsoft for that! Gabe worked on programming Windows until Windows 2. (just kidding)

In 2017, it will have been ten years since the last installment in the Half-Life series. 10 years. Yeah, don't try to complain to the Half-Life community about hiatuses, because we're the definition of hiatus.

Good thing it was confirmed today, I was losing hope.

Gabe can't count to three he only knows 1 and 2

2 Zelda U

I didn't really care but I really wanted to play it and the Wii U is still selling and is my favorite console.

And Nintendo STILL wonders why the Wii U isn't selling. LOL. Too late now. Zelda is amazing.

I don't need fancy graphics and a expensive system to play Zelda I have a gamecube and the wind waker

I'm still waiting for Pikmin 4, but this will do for a month.

3 Pokemon: OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire

I've played alpha sapphire it was the best Pokemon game I have ever played

I played the original Ruby as a kid. And OH MY GOSH was I excited for this.

I can't wait until they make Pokemon go. That one makes me exited

The best pokemon game ever

4 Star Wars Battlefront (2015)

Super game! The only successful Star Wars game I've ever played!

My favorite videogame developer ever!


Good Graphics. Cool Powers👍🏻

5 DOOM 4
6 Startropics Reboot
7 Waluigi's Mansion

Actually, this is a good idea! Come on, Nintendo! Give Waluigi some time to shine!

Why? If Waluigi were to have game it better be original.

Never gonna happen...

Should though I would play it

8 Mortal Kombat (2011)
9 Cave Story 2
10 Punch-Out Wii

This game is awesome I wish it had a seqel

The Contenders

11 Super Metroid Maker

Either Metroid Maker:
SuperMetroid is just a sequel

12 Guitar Hero Live

I hate the makers for not bringing it out sooner but you gotta admit it was worth it! The game rocks!

13 Fallout 4

Really looking forward to this :) Don't let me down Bethesda!

Yes they have

They haven't let you down. Fallout 4 was pretty good. But it still doesn't top Elder Scrolls.

14 Super Smash Bros. 4

A SEVEN YEAR wait! How is this not #1?

Agreed. 6 years.


2012: played brawl, loved it, and wanted a sequel, max hype level

2013: official confirmation, overdrive hype level

2014: played melee, preordered 3ds, White House hype level

Christmas 2014: infinityinfinityinfinityinfinityinfinityinfinityinfinityinfinityinfinityinfinityinfinity Expectations, exceeded them, and then some

15 Super Metroid: Zero Mission
16 Bee Movie Game Bee Movie Game Product Image

Waited my whole life for this...

Based on the 2007 Dreamworks CGI animated movie.

It's a legendary it have saved lifes it have been waited for 2000000 years.

17 Timesplitters Remake
18 Grand Theft Auto 6

They should make a Grand Theft Auto in Dubai. That would be awesome!

Since they brought back liberty city and San andreas in 4 and 5 6 needs to be in vice city.

Can't wait I don't know what there's left to add but whatever they do add it must be epic

Should be in top 3

19 Star Fox U

At least we're getting Star Fox Zero

Starfox fdw

20 Kingdom Hearts III

It took 8 years since KH2 for this game to even be revealed. 3 Years later and it still doesn't have a release date...

Please Nomura, we need the release date, or at least the release month, we already have the release year of 2018!

People were begging Square Enix and Disney to make this.

Is this hell?

21 Duke Nukem Forever

Its called forever for a reason

It took 15 years to make, a world record.

The name certainly makes sense, as people waited "forever".

22 Sonic 2006: The Good Edition

This will never be made


Sonic 07


23 Super Mario Galaxy 3

This would be amazing. -shadowswagger922


The first super Mario galaxy was my favorite game ever. galaxy 2 is among my favorite games ever as well. so if Nintendo makes a 3rd one for Wii u or life is completed

24 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
25 Undertale

Not only did it turn out to be one of the greatest role-playing games of all time, but it was also a pretty good substitute for Mother 4...(cough, cough, when Nintendo wouldn't make it, cough)

No just no

Best game. When PKMN B/W series ended, I wanted this.

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