Top 10 Video Games to Play When You Are Depressed

The Top Ten

1 Garry's Mod

You can just role play and then have fun attacking bad guys

Good thing to role play you being happy

2 Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4 Product Image
3 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Super Smash Bros. Brawl Product Image

All Her characters take you out of depression

4 Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto V Product Image

The most realistic game in the world, gets my big vote

5 Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 Product Image
6 Skate 3 Skate 3 Product Image
7 Saints Row: The Third Saints Row: The Third Product Image
8 Saints Row IV Saints Row IV Product Image
9 Wii Sports Wii Sports Product Image
10 Mario Sports Mix

The Contenders

11 Pac-Man World 2 Pac-Man World 2 Product Image
12 Madden NFL 16 Madden NFL 16 Product Image
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