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1 Super Smash Bros

I think it could be a Netflix Original.

Facts.Super smash bros (or ssb for short) has changed so much over the past years I agree with it being in netflix

Because you get to play your faviorite viedeo game carecters

Some of my favorite characters of all time would be epic in this! Such as Steven from MasterCraft, Hulk Hogan, and Call of Duty!

2 The Legend of Zelda

Well excuuuse me users, but it already had a terrible T.V. show. - myusernameisthis

It had a cartoon - ElSherlock

Hell yeah I'm obsessed with the Zelda series it would be awesome

Did you forget what happened last time Link got an animated series?

3 Xenoblade Chronicles

It could work as a mecha anime! You know, like Aldnoah.Zero or whatever! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

If Xenoblade was an anime, Pyra/Mithra would be the center(s) of the fanservice.
( don't get me started if it was a uncensored anime)

4 Earthbound

It could be fun

Yes. Hell yes. I need this. - EspioTheChameleon

5 Fire Emblem

Fates would be a very emotional and epic anime

Although it failed in making an anime adaptation once, maybe it can try again and get another anime series? Maybe design it with a feel to either Berserk or Sword Art Online.

It did have an anime series before. But it was only two episodes long and it got cancelled. I would love to see a new Fire Emblem anime series in the future. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

6 Metroid

Samus Aran herself would be the center of fanservice. (Getting her naked all the time)

I have a feeling if it did get an anime adaptation, ( being T rating) samus would be the center of fanservice.

7 Undertale

Undertale is my personal favorite game of all time, and the stort is great. With all of it's elements in story, great characters, and lore, it'd make a great anime.

Never undertale sucks

*shudder* - Sentimental

I'd be down for a undertale anime - e9090

8 Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic book is awesome I am going to beat you up when you are sleeping smash64 sonic x is cool to but sonic boom is better than sonic x it is funny you are a bully sonic boom is better


We have Sonic X - ElSherlock

I just want a new Sonic T.V. show to watch that isn't Boom (because boom is awful) - Smash64

9 Bayonetta

But it is lol

10 F-Zero

There was an f zero anime - Gamer4life

Bring back the show

The Newcomers

? Mugen Souls
? Oninaki

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Bros

There was an anime movie, and a 3-episode anime series, but I still want to see a proper mario anime series - myusernameisthis

Not again

12 Dynasty Warriors
13 Bravely Default

Yes please. - GehennaTheSecond

14 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

And I'm not the only one that wished this.

Its been confirmed for an anime - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

15 Chrono Trigger

It's a very beautiful game with a lot of good characters and it has an amazing plot.

16 Mortal Kombat

The animated series was terrible - ElSherlock

Enough with the Mortal Kombat series. New Line Cinema did go downhill though with their Mortal Kombat and American Girl feature films. - playstationfan66

17 Trauma Center
18 Overwatch

They already showed that they can put genius animation, cinematics, and story to this game. Since competitive play has died down, this could be exactly what the franchise needs! What got it fame in the first place!

There is so much lore, so this would be a GREAT prequel detailing what happened before the game.

19 Kid Icarus

The cutscenes for Lid Icarus Uprising were anime, weren't they?

20 God Eater

This already has an anime series! It's on Crunchyroll if you don't believe me.

21 Five Nights at Freddy's

I like this game, but it would be weird as an anime. Besides, it's not even Japanese or even inspired by anime.

Nope. - myusernameisthis

I am a fan and I don’t agree with this

As a fan, no. - TeamRocket747

22 Kingdom Hearts

This actually has manga. - GehennaTheSecond

Has a lot of potential of an anime series.

23 Mother
24 Spyro the Dragon

This would make a good anime, though it reminds me more of a cartoon. - RiverClanRocks

25 Harvest Moon
26 Star Fox

Fox- Leonardo DiCaprio

Falco- Antonio Cesaro or Scott Hall

Wolf- Will Smith

27 Azure Striker Gunvolt

No, that one OVA on the Nintendo eShop doesn't count. - PerfectImpulseX

28 Persona 5

Make it an actual anime. not that garbage like Day Breakers but rather an anime that perfectly follows the story of the main game not a spin-off. - YourWaifuSucks

29 Splatoon

Yes! It would make me so happy!

30 Cave Story
31 Call of Duty
32 Pokemon Platinum

Already a Pokemon anime

33 Street Fighter
34 Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz (Ps2)

This game would've been better off as an OVA series. - PerfectImpulseX

35 The King of Fighters

Fatal Fury already has an anime

So much potential with a KOF anime to explain more about the world, especially with the Orochi and NESTS sagas. There WAS an anime miniseries, but not only was it a miniseries, but it was based on a non-canon spin-off! - kfcnyancat

36 Borderlands
37 Tales of Berseria

This game deserves an anime adaptation! The characters are interesting, the story is gripping, &, as many fans believe, the few filler episodes in Tales of Zestiria the X are nowhere near enough to satisfy our demands! The potential this game has for an anime adaptation is criminally unnoticed! I watched a 50-hour Let's Play of this game JUST for the sake of watching the story unfold! And come on; imagine this in the hands of a studio like Madhouse. - OPZoroark

Those few or so episodes in Tales of Zestiria the X taking place in the Berseria timeline aren't good enough. However, I am predicting Tales of Berseria will get a full anime adaptation soon. - SelfDestruct

38 Mother 3
39 Pac-Man

Yes, please! And hopefully, it's Pac-Man X & has the same animation as Sonic X & the same character designs as Pac-Man World 3 for sure.

40 Godzilla
41 Advance Wars

Hell, the characters remind me of anime characters

42 Xenogears

Much like Xenoblade, this game already IS basically an anime series in game form. - xandermartin98

43 Warframe
44 UmJammer Lammy

"MY WAIFU IS IN MY MINNND" - xandermartin98

45 Doki Doki Literature Club! Doki Doki Literature Club!

That sounds good

Nope. - myusernameisthis

46 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
47 Okami
48 Ratchet & Clank
49 Shovel Knight
50 Bully

Perfect plot for an anime

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