Top Ten Video Games That Should Be an Anime Series


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1 Super Smash Bros

If you can make a anime-like reveal trailer for Palutena, you can most certainly go for a full-fledged Smash Bros. anime! - ladybug375

Oh my gosh yes. I just realized how wonderful this could be. It could be battle royale tournament anime. Sort of a survival game.

I totally agree ladybug375 after seeing that I actually thought it was the anime trailer

This would honestly suck as an anime

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2 The Legend of Zelda

Hell yeah I'm obsessed with the Zelda series it would be awesome

If this was an anime series I would cry. - Dawscr

Did you forget what happened last time Link got an animated series?

Movies, not series

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3 Xenoblade Chronicles

It could work as a mecha anime! You know, like Aldnoah.Zero or whatever! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

4 Earthbound
5 Metroid
6 Fire Emblem

Although it failed in making an anime adaptation once, maybe it can try again and get another anime series? Maybe design it with a feel to either Berserk or Sword Art Online.

It did have an anime series before. But it was only two episodes long and it got cancelled. I would love to see a new Fire Emblem anime series in the future. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

7 F-Zero

There was an f zero anime - Gamer4life

Bring back the show

8 Dynasty Warriors
9 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

And I'm not the only one that wished this.

Its been confirmed for an anime - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

10 Undertale

I'd be down for a undertale anime - e9090

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11 Super Mario Bros V 1 Comment
12 Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic World Revolution

Well yeah, Sonic X wasn't good at all. But it's still an anime, and the game got its adaptation.

Nevertheless, I do feel that a much better anime should be made in honor of the Sonic the hedgehog franchise. Sonic X was pathetic. - Kiteretsunu

AAND the picture? Sonic 06.

I mean like one better than
Sonic X
Sonic X wasn't that good of an
Anime - aarond09

13 Kid Icarus
14 Bayonetta V 1 Comment
15 Cave Story
16 Bravely Default
17 Chrono Trigger
18 Mortal Kombat

Enough with the Mortal Kombat series. New Line Cinema did go downhill though with their Mortal Kombat and American Girl feature films. - playstationfan66

19 Trauma Center
20 Persona 5

Make it an actual anime. not that garbage like Day Breakers but rather an anime that perfectly follows the story of the main game not a spin-off. - YourWaifuSucks

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1. Super Smash Bros
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