Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

The Top Ten Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

1 BioShock

I was thinking right when I clicked on this link, "Hmm, I think Bioshock would be the most awesome 'game to movie. '" Ahh, I wish they would do this! Big Daddies, Little Sisters, Rapture, plasmids... Ugh, would be amazing.

Although BioShock is a great game, I personally don't think that it would work as a movie. The "Would you Kindly" twist would never work on the movies, because this is a twist made for videogames. BioShock Infinite would work better as a movie than the original BioShock.

A game that's so good, it definitely deserves its own film. Although, this is a very easy film to screw up, so don't hope for the best. - Mcgillacuddy

I bet big daddies would look scary and Rapture and Columbia would look beautiful and real

2 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I totally agree on this if there were a movie of the legend of Zelda ocarina of time it will be way better!

That would actually be really cool to see the legend of Zelda made into a movie, either a cartoon or actual people, if it would be anything like the games I would definitely go see it. - lukestheman4

Cool idea but one problem link doesn't talk and it could make the movie boring and the one game he talks in the horrible one Zelda cdi it was a disaster same with the cartoon I don't like link talking hope they come up with a good actor.

I want to make 5 animated films based on this and four other Zelda games

3 Uncharted

I'm not a big gamer but I think Uncharted would be a great film with many intense adventure and action moments. Plus I adore the main character. He's so great - Irina2932

I would want to watch this movie, and I've never even played an Uncharted game! - LarkwingFlight

They already are making the uncharted movie.

Sony could also make the movie - Sparkjolt

4 Grand Theft Auto

Police chases, epic heists and humour. A Grand Theft Auto film might be the only good game based movie out there

It would be interesting to see Quentin Tarantino or the Coen Brothers take this on

It's already like a movie, good story, nice comedy, clubs... This should at least be top 5

I don't get why there ain't a single movie like this - zxm

5 Red Dead Redemption

That movie would be awesome

The movie would be so good... - Ananya

So cool if it was a movie

6 Halo

Peter Jackson was making a movie for Halo but it got cancelled because their funding was cut. I was so sad, it looked amazing. - TheGrammarPolice

YES! You watch. This movie will be made eventually.

I agree. I'm a huge fan of halo and there should be a film

There is

7 Metal Gear Solid

I can actually see this working, but they would have to adapt Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake before they consider Metal Gear Solid, since it's the third game in the series.

Well... this is like a movie already!

It would be awesome seeing someone acting as snake, he's the best game character EVER!

As a major fan boy of this series, I would have to whole heartedly agree with this choice. This movie would be amazing if they did it right. The characters and story alone are amazing.

8 Call of Duty

Hell no. This is a bad idea. A really really bad idea. The games suck themselves, what good would a movie do - cdxtreme

There really should be a good movie on this if it doesn't stuck with only with slow-motion scenes or heavy-actions but to stick with the story. - zxm

It's story is like a movie. Its perfect for making a movie.

There are plenty of military shooters

9 Dead Space

Superb game with scary intense line, great graphics. Should be turned into movie franchise - Magnolia

They made a movie like this its called 'The Thing' you know that classic sci fi horror that dead space completely coppied, the only difference is that dead space is in space.

The Thing (1982) was NOT original. It stole many ideas from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", "Alien" and some other films so get your facts straight! Monsters from Dead Space have nothing to do with the one from The Thing

10 Minecraft

Isn't this going to be a movie in 2019 minecraft the movie

Shut up, person under the person under my comment.

It already is.

If someone is planning on making a movie dedicated to Minecraft, then the producers should do the same that Meledandri is doing woth the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie; getting the help from its creator. Although Notch isn't helping on Minecraft anymore, they could always ask Jeb.

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11 Pokemon

There are already 21 pokemon movies, phew, that's a lot of bad movies! - myusernameisthis

But Pokemon has had many movies.

What about Pokemon evolution that's red blue and yellow in four episodes

Detective Pikachu

12 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

YES! But it would be really long

Of course they should.

13 L.A. Noire

Why this movie isn't first, I don't know. This was a well planned, well developed cinematic experience. A lot of the time I find myself being immersed more in the cinematic brilliance than in the game play. Clearly game play was second on the bucket list for the developers of this legendary game.

14 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

It would be a really good idea, although it would be impossible to make. The game mostly includes characters from Nintendo, it includes characters from SEGA and Konami to and all three would have to think it is a great idea.

Oh yeah this would make an interesting movie too as long as it stay true to the characters and nobody gets tortured for no reason then okay. - PageEmperor

It would be interesting to see mario in a movie fighting link or pikachu...

It would be called the super smash bros movie

15 Fallout 3

this would be a nice movie.. but it would be kinda big I guess... and what about Heavy Rain? that would turn out to be a good movie

The game sucks but it would be cool.

In the right hands.

16 Heavy Rain

Being honest I do not think this would be a good movie. Considering one of the games main elements is how many different endings there are, how would they make it a movie? You can't have 1 movie with 17 endings - Jonerman

A high action and tense drama, it would be fitting for a Hollywood blockbuster and could show what the genre could offer.

I haven't played nor ever will.. But I had to vote because I know this would be a part:


This game is practically a movie - Ale9991

17 The Saboteur

God of War was already a movie when it was called Clash of the Titans.

A one man Inglorious Basterds

18 The Legend of Zelda

Actually, I was thinking for it to be made by Disney or Studio Ghibli.

My Ideas

Name-The Legend Of Zelda

Release Date-July 6 2018

Company-Illumination Entertainment



Link-Tom Felton

Zelda-Kate Winslet

Ganondorf-Ian Mckellen

And Much More!

For any Directors who are reading, make this video game into a T.V. show!

The legend of Zelda is a great video game series that should be turnt into a T.V. series. It has been turned into a T.V. series before but that was just a cartoon, I'm talking about a realistic looking T.V. show like Game of Thrones. If turn into a T.V. series the first Legend of Zelda season would have to be about The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword cause that came first out of the Legend of Zelda timeline than so on taking the Majora's mask alternate timeline cause that's obviously the best one. It would have action (link slashing at orks and goblins and shooting arrows at large bows and crating explosions!), mystery (e.g. characters and there history such as the seven sages), some drama, romance (between Link and Zelda ext.), and horror (Ganondorf with his army of orks, goblins, trolls, slimes, ext.).

Here's my ideas:

Cause in every game its meant to be a different completely different time period (e.g. it has been 100 years since the last Link died and a new Link has ...more

19 Assassin's Creed

The movie is soon to come! Although I am not a fan of the game, I hope it's good.

They are going to make an AC movie - bestgamer

This one should have a movie

They Did And It Sucked - VideoGamefan5

20 Overwatch
21 Gears Of War
22 Mortal Kombat

I agree. Is that so hard to make a decent MK movie? They've already made a very cool web series. Now the 3rd film please! - Magnolia

23 Mafia II

There's already a movie similar to mafia 2. Its called Goodfellas.


24 Bioshock 2
25 Bioshock Trilogy

Bioshock should be an emotional movie because of the music theme

26 God of War

If I am rich film director I would made god of war movie franchise

The bloody goodness would be so awesome as a movie

27 Chrono Trigger
28 Deus Ex
29 Devil May Cry
30 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Yeah, this would make a really interesting and funny movie.

It should be a comedy horror film

31 To the Moon
32 Saints Row

Saints Row is an awesome game. First of all, it shouldn't be made into a movie. It should be made into a T.V. series! It would have action, comedy, love and tragedy all wrapped up in one. Saints Row 4 is also pretty cool as it jumps from criminalism into an alien simulation! I would definitely watch it. There is one problem though, the director would have to give the boss/president a name cause you don't want people to watch five seasons of Saints Row and think it was bad cause they didn't know the name of the protagonists of four seasons of the show. Overall it would be an awesome show that's would go on for about twenty hour long episode each season. If I saw that a Saints Row show would premier next year, I would scream my head off. 😂

33 Portal

A game in a incredible fun universe with tons of openings for fun stories to make in to movies separate from Chel's story

YES - lolingdog9000

J.J. Abrams is actually directing a Portal movie in the future. Google it. - LarkwingFlight

34 Undertale

Never in my life. It would make Undertale even MORE overrated and I would have to wait at least 2 more years to hear the end of Undertale fanbase.

I saw this series of lyrics in Undertale music to make a musical, that could be it.


Yes! either on the genocide or the pacifist run! they would both be good! (although I would prefer the pacifist) - Antifi

35 Uncharted Series
36 Metroid

This should totally happen! - LarkwingFlight

Guys, I want this movie out

37 Skylanders: Giants

I prefer Skylanders games... I don't think a movie will be a big hit on fans

38 Skyrim
39 Super Smash Bros Wii U

AGES 9-12 and above

My Concept

Release Date - November, 23, 2018

Company - Nintendo Pictures

Distributor - Walt Disney Pictures (Don't Kill Me Please)

Cast (Below)

Mario - Definitely Not Bob Hoskins

I don't Know The Others - VideoGamefan5

40 Grand Theft Auto IV

Apart from the decision moments, this would be amazing - spiderskull98

41 Castlevania
42 Grand Theft Auto 5
43 Grand Theft Auto V

Best game ever needs a movie

44 Spec Ops: The Line

With a dark and mature story, with disturbing visuals and atmospheric tension, I can see Spec Ops as one of the best depictions of modern war on the big screen. The game captured it better than Call of Duty and with it's thought provoking native, it would work.

45 Fallout: New Vegas
46 Shadow of Colossus
47 Mass Effect Trilogy
48 Sonic the Hedgehog

My Ideas For An Animated Sonic Movie:

Release Date - June 9 2017

Company - Dreamworks

Distributor - 20th Century Fox

Cast (Below)

Sonic - Ryan Reynolds

Tails - Random Child Actor

Knuckles - Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Amy - Renee Zellwenger

Eggman - Steve Martin

Shadow - Chris Hemsworth (With A Unique Voice To Sound Like Shadow)

Rouge - Tina Fey

There was a 1999 movie and it's confirmed that there is a sonic movie coming in 2018 by the time that movie comes out sonic will be dead cause of the sonic boom series. - spodermanfan1000

The Sonic series is doomed, because there will be a Sonic movie in 2018, and get this, it's live action. - LarkwingFlight

Which game? Shattered Crystal or Sonic Adventure 2 (which I put on the list) in my opinion.

49 Supernauts
50 Shadow of the Colossus
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