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21 Overwatch
22 Mortal Kombat

I agree. Is that so hard to make a decent MK movie? They've already made a very cool web series. Now the 3rd film please! - Magnolia

23 Mafia II

There's already a movie similar to mafia 2. Its called Goodfellas.

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24 Bioshock 2
25 Bioshock Trilogy
26 Devil May Cry
27 Chrono Trigger
28 To the Moon
29 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Yeah, this would make a really interesting and funny movie.

30 Deus Ex
31 Saints Row

Saints Row is an awesome game. First of all, it shouldn't be made into a movie. It should be made into a T.V. series! It would have action, comedy, love and tragedy all wrapped up in one. Saints Row 4 is also pretty cool as it jumps from criminalism into an alien simulation! I would definitely watch it. There is one problem though, the director would have to give the boss/president a name cause you don't want people to watch five seasons of Saints Row and think it was bad cause they didn't know the name of the protagonists of four seasons of the show. Overall it would be an awesome show that's would go on for about twenty hour long episode each season. If I saw that a Saints Row show would premier next year, I would scream my head off. 😂

32 God of War

If I am rich film director I would made god of war movie franchise

The bloody goodness would be so awesome as a movie

33 Portal

A game in a incredible fun universe with tons of openings for fun stories to make in to movies separate from Chel's story

J.J. Abrams is actually directing a Portal movie in the future. Google it. - LarkwingFlight

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34 Skyrim
35 Super Smash Bros Wii U

AGES 9-12 and above

My Concept

Release Date - November, 23, 2018

Company - Nintendo Pictures

Distributor - Walt Disney Pictures (Don't Kill Me Please)

Cast (Below)

Mario - Definitely Not Bob Hoskins

I don't Know The Others - VideoGamefan5

36 Uncharted Series
37 Metroid

This should totally happen! - LarkwingFlight

Guys, I want this movie out

38 Skylanders: Giants

I prefer Skylanders games... I don't think a movie will be a big hit on fans

39 Grand Theft Auto IV

Apart from the decision moments, this would be amazing - spiderskull98

40 Castlevania
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