Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies


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41 Grand Theft Auto 5
42 Grand Theft Auto V

Best game ever needs a movie

43 Shadow of Colossus
44 Supernauts
45 Spec Ops: The Line

With a dark and mature story, with disturbing visuals and atmospheric tension, I can see Spec Ops as one of the best depictions of modern war on the big screen. The game captured it better than Call of Duty and with it's thought provoking native, it would work.

46 Shadow of the Colossus
47 Undertale

Never in my life. It would make Undertale even MORE overrated and I would have to wait at least 2 more years to hear the end of Undertale fanbase.

I saw this series of lyrics in Undertale music to make a musical, that could be it.


YES! (I'm not one of those weird UT fans who would butcher you for not liking Undertale, but it would be a fantastic movie) Should be made by Disney/Pixar or Ghibli.


Frisk/Chara: Elsie Fisher, Grace Rolek or any unknown
Sans: No idea
Papyrus: David Tennant or Richard Steven Horvitz
Undyne: Karen Gillan, Kimberly Brooks or Shelby Rabara
Toriel: Deedee Magno Hall
Mettaton: Neil Patrick Harris
Asgore: Liam Neeson
Alphys: Shelby Rabara or Jennifer Paz
Flowey: Tom Kenny or Richard Steven Horvitz
Asriel: Thomas Brodie Sangster

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48 Fallout: New Vegas
49 Mass Effect Trilogy
50 Sonic the Hedgehog

My Ideas For An Animated Sonic Movie:

Release Date - June 9 2017

Company - Dreamworks

Distributor - 20th Century Fox

Cast (Below)

Sonic - Ryan Reynolds

Tails - Random Child Actor

Knuckles - Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Amy - Renee Zellwenger

Eggman - Steve Martin

Shadow - Chris Hemsworth (With A Unique Voice To Sound Like Shadow)

Rouge - Tina Fey

There was a 1999 movie and it's confirmed that there is a sonic movie coming in 2018 by the time that movie comes out sonic will be dead cause of the sonic boom series. - spodermanfan1000

The Sonic series is doomed, because there will be a Sonic movie in 2018, and get this, it's live action. - LarkwingFlight


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51 Batman: Arkham City

Let's hope for a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino.

There are some batman movies


52 Dead Island
53 Halo 3
54 South Park: The Stick of Truth
55 The Last of Us

Live action Joel fighting a Bloater! Love 2 see that!

Why is this so low? It would be the best movie ever.

Best story driven game and movie is a must

It's the cutscenes that make you love the game. And I swear that they went for an hour by themselves. Just use the cutscenes to make a movie. - TheGrammarPolice

56 Super Smash Bros. Melee
57 Candy Crush

Shut up this game is underrated.

Oh god no.

58 Viva Pinata
59 The Legend of Zelda Series
60 Need for Speed Most Wanted

There Is A NfS Movie - VideoGamefan5

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