Top Ten Video Games That Should Never Be Made

The Top Ten Video Games That Should Never Be Made

1 Justin Bieber Experience

I would like to see who worked on this game if they had made it... - DapperPickle

It was funny at first but I'm getting sick of everything bad has Justin Bieber on it I mean I totally puke when I hear him but enough is enough

If this game was made I will kill the person who made it

And do you realize some girls hate Justin Bieber too

Noo! Whoever created it is crazy!

2 Sanjay and Craig: The Game

Or a Sanjay and Craig/Uncle Grandpa/Breadwinners crossover.

Or even worse...sanjay and craig/breadwinners the crossover game

Or a Sanjay and Craig/ Uncle Grandpa crossover game

3 Peeing Person

What a uncreative name

Way way way to inapropriate

4 Dora Meets Barney

Wait, did he swear? Where? "Nope. Just, no... Why? Why do you do this to me, childhood of crap? " Oh, I get it. CRAP IS NOT A SWEAR WORD!

Nope. Just, no... Why? Why do you do this to me, childhood of crap?

1. Don't curse guy who wrote the comment with
The curse because kids could be reading this ok!
2. This game would only be realistic if Dora stapes barny in the gut (or the other way around)

5 Crappy iPhone Game Collection
6 Minecraft Ripoff Collection

We don't need more crap like minecrap. YouTube allows people to become shallow sell outs and play ONE boring game.

7 Breadwinners: The Game

It would be a WarioWare clone with butts. No thanks. - Pony

I would totally buy this...TO BLOW IT UP

8 Super Smash Bros Brawl Ganondorf Only Edition
9 Bubsy 4D

We have a new bubsy game why why why - ikerevievs

10 Big Rigs: Over the Street Racing

Is this a sequel to Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing - Sparkjolt

The Contenders

11 Super Crap Bros
12 Cleveland Browns Football Experience


13 Rapelay

This game (unfortunately) exists.

14 Hunt for Bugs
15 Track and Field the Game for Ps4
16 Red Poke 2.0

What even is this? A red guy who constantly
Pokes people nonstop?

17 Nicki Minaj: The Game
18 Super Mario 06
19 Zelda Early Years: Fun With Numbers

And tell me again what counting has to do
With Zelda?

20 Superman Meets Aquaman
21 The Legend of Link: Evil Has Many Faces

Seriously? A goddamned REMAKE of Link: The Faces Of Evil? What has this world come to? - xandermartin98

22 Halo Grunt Edition
23 Shaq-Fu In Bubsy World
24 Sedona Ps4
25 Cheetahmen 4
26 Collection of Flappy Bird
27 Land of Grass: Ant Pile

Depend on what happens in this game.

28 Billy Grows Up: The Videogame

This would be a neat game you could grow up and get as much aids as you want

And when he grows up he has cancer and dies

29 CoD Ghosts Declassified

Black ops declassified 210 ghost declassified - 999999 / 10 - ironman21

30 Sonic (16)
31 School Days: The Game

The visual novel itself is bad enough, but making an actual video game based off the visual novel and the anime would be atrocious. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

32 Wii Toilet

I want this game so bad

33 One Direction the Experience
34 MLG Undertale
35 Pingas the Videogame


36 Super Paper Mario Thousand Sticker Slash 64

This was already on the list

37 Titanfail

It would be the failure verison of titanfall, which will be the terrible verison - VideoGamefan5

38 Zoboomafoo The Experience

What? This SHOULD be made. Zoboomafoo is awesome!

39 The Blockheads 2.0
40 Diet Coke: The Video Game
41 Sex: The Experience
42 Waluigi World
43 Quagmire
44 Hogger
45 Crazy Castle 6
46 Custer's Revenge Remastered
47 E.T. (Atari 2600) Remake
48 Superman 64 3D
49 Bubsy 3D 2

We have the woolies strike back to thank for bubsys useless revival - ikerevievs

50 EA the Ultimate Collection
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