Video Games that Shouldn't Have Been Cancelled or Shut Down

Unfortunately, not all games make it through development, and there comes a time where all online games have to come to an end. This list is intended to cover games that were cancelled during development and games that have been rendered completely unplayable due to their servers being permanently shut off, so please do not add still-playable games that supported online services that have since been discontinued, such as Mario Kart DS or ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth.

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1 Sadness
2 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2

Phantom Hourglass is the official sequel to Wind Waker. But, did you know that there was originally going to be a Wind Waker sequel back in the GameCube era? The game's setting would have been more land-based and Link would have been able to ride horses. It was cancelled due to the popularity of live-action fantasy movies at the time and, strangely enough, Link's proportions being unsuitable for horseback riding, and Twilight Princess was developed instead. I honestly would've taken the cancelled sequel over Phantom Hourglass, although Phantom Hourglass is still a good game. - WindWakerFan

Seriously, why it's cancelled? Because it was originally meant to get a sequel, but Nintendo cancelled it in favor of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? That's ridiculous, this shouldn't be cancelled. - 50

3 Star Wars 1313

This was the biggest loss of the Disney takeover in my opinion. So long my bounty hunting dreams

SMH guess we can always play star wars bounty Hunter instead...

4 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GBA)

I'm not sure how this would've ever happened. The GBA is definitely not powerful enough to handle anything close to Gamecube games, considering it's about as powerful as a Super Nintendo. - Zach808

Kkkk that's awesomeness and prodigious

Back when Wind Waker had been recently released, Ubisoft's Davide Solani and Fabio Pagetti made a pitch for a Game Boy Advance version of Wind Waker in hopes that their managing director would let them make a demo for the port, but they didn't have any luck, sadly. - WindWakerFan

5 Toontown Online

How is this childhood classic not at the top of the list?!

Looking at videos of this game before it was shut down, I honestly wished I had played this game when I still had the chance. Toontown Rewritten looks fairly promising, so I may play that. - WindWakerFan

I've played this game a lot when I was younger. It was sad when it shut down, but fans made lots of servers including Toontown Rewritten and Toontown Fellowship. - TheFourthWorld

It should not be shut down

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6 Earthbound 64

This eventually became Mother 3 for the GameBoy Advance. - GehennaTheSecond

One of the best rpg ever. I'm sure it would be great on a best game system ever.

Nintendo should care more about their Earthbound fans!

7 Timesplitters 4

It was originally going to be announced in 2007, but instead what we got was Haze which was panned for a more popular demand that scraped because Crytek were not sure who to have on the cover to sell the game. - htoutlaws2012

8 Project Wiki

This MMO looked like it would have been a cool MMO, but it was cancelled. I don't know why the game got cancelled, but Nintendo wasn't exactly happy with the game's artstyle looking a lot like Wind Waker and sent Webzen, the company who was working on the game, a warning, so that might have at least played a partial role in the game's cancellation. - WindWakerFan

9 Here Be Monsters

This MMO was about exploring the world to collect and craft items as well as trapping monsters. Not only was this MMO fun, but it was also kind of educational, as well. And right when I was starting to get back into the game after losing interest a while back, it closed down in 2015 due to a lack of players. What rotten luck. - WindWakerFan

10 Pocket God (Facebook)

This was a neat Facebook port of the mobile game. Sadly, not enough people were playing it in its later years and the Facebook version had to close. - WindWakerFan

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11 Duke Nukem Forever

Ugh... if you mean the 2001 version then yeah that woulda been awesome then the crap you see on the cover we did receive. - htoutlaws2012

12 Super Mario 64 2

I want the legend back. - 50

13 Darkspore

This just looks really good, I would play Darkspore the first chance I got

Wish I could have played it, at least Spore hasn't been shut down yet. - Extractinator04

Same, but I think SPORE will still be playable if the servers end up closing once and for all. - WindWakerFan

14 Club Penguin

It was good since the first year it existed until 2013 (and now it's obviously already shut down! )

Good clean fun for kids

The new club penguin sucks. It charges you so much, not a lot but Disney doesn’t understand that kids WANT to play this game. As a nonmember you get to do just this: Dance, walk, sit, and talk. Thank goodness there is Club Penguin Rewritten. - PollsAreCool

15 Sonic X-Treme

Sounded awesome because I love skateboarding games. A shame they canceled it. At least we got sonic riders.

16 Marble Madness II: Marble Man

Originally planned to be released in the early 90s, Atari Games decided to cancel it and planned to make a game that gamers would play (in competition to Street Fighter, etc.) which would turn out to be "Guardians of the Hood" (needless to say that game sucked). Marble Madness II is still an unreleased game even to this day due to the fact that a couple of idiots who have the game don't want to release the arcade ROM unless someone has a great amount of money to pay the person to release the ROM online.

17 Dinosaur Planet

I do agree this would be awesome, even though I really like Star Fox Adventures.

Krystal wasn't even portrayed as a damsel in distress in Dinosaur Planet, so I can understand why you put it here.

Like I said, I love Star Fox, but Adventures would've been better if Krystal had a bigger and more active role than what she got.

18 Scalebound
19 Paper Zelda
20 Star Wars Battlefront III

This would of been the better part of Free Radical if they had pulled off getting this originally third battlefront game I bet you would we never speak of EA if this game was not considered cancelled, and they ended up going for Haze was a bad move for the worst. Like Timesplitters 4 another one of those what if they did this instead of the other. Just seeing some of that lost footage these guys had great potential to be among Valve, Bioware etc. - htoutlaws2012

21 Half-Life 3

It's such a shame the cliff hanger at the end of Half life 2 episode 2 was so good

It was cancelled? - Skullkid755

22 Donkey Kong Racing
23 Super Mario 128
24 Final Fantasy Versus 13
25 Silent Hills

This game looked amazing but stupid Konami just HAD to give it up! - Mcgillacuddy

26 Conker's Quest

As funny as Conker's Bad Fur Day was, I really wished the original Conker's Quest, or as it was called, Twelve Tales: Conker 64, was released, even though there was Conker's Pocket Tales for the Game Boy Color, but still.

27 Star Fox Wii
28 ModNation Racers 2

I saw a few screenshots of this before the project became LittleBigPlanet Karting and it made me wish it was real. ModNation Racers was really a good kart racing game for the PS3 and I still pray that it will get a sequel or spiritual successor one day. Too bad that United Front Games (who developed ModNation Racers) shut down a few years ago.

29 Mega Man Legends 3
30 Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Huh why I love the movies why developers - Foxylovescats

31 Mario First-Person Shooter XD

Yes. I would love to see this happen.

32 Pokemon Z

Kalos is very incomplete.

33 Jet Set Radio Wii
34 Banjo-Threeie

Really wished this game was made, especially since the name was teased during the ending of Banjo-Tooie (sorry for mentioning a spoiler). We got Nuts & Bolts, but even so, I would love to see a proper sequel to the series. Time will tell, I suppose.

35 Diddy Kong Pilot
36 Sabreman Stampede
37 Conker's Other Bad Day Conker's Other Bad Day
38 Metal Gear Solid: Rising
39 Metal Gear Rising 2
40 Pokemon Gray
41 Pokemon Selta Emerald

Did you mean Pokémon Delta Emerald? - WindWakerFan

42 Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

I forgot what the title was originally called.

43 Age of Empires Online

I understand that it was an economically viable decision, but it’s still sad. - romanempire249

44 NHL 2K12
45 Metroid Dread
46 Another Metroid 2 Remake
47 Mother 4
48 Parappa the Rapper 3
49 Batman and the Flash: Hero Run
50 Kid Kirby
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