Top 10 Video Games That Today's Kids Play All the Time


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1 Minecraft

It's a boring game that 2 year olds play

This game annoys me...

I love Minecraft

The beautiful game. Like Super Smash Bros 3DS and LEGO games.

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2 Club Penguin

It used to be all the rage at my school. Then everyone just left and Pokemon Tower Defense became the new computer game.

This still exist?

3 Halo
4 Terraria

Not exactly true for me,Almost nobody around where I live plays this.

3, 4, and 8 should not be played by kids.

5 Fallout 4
6 Roblox

Phff roblox isn't a game is a half-##### application that has about as much effort put into it as an ea game

7 Sonic the Hedgehog
8 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Even though it's a game they shouldn't play

9 Animal Jam

I've never played this.

My class would not play this because it has wolves (they hate wolves) and it doesn't have dogs (they love dogs)

Don't they realize dogs and wolves are related? They are idiots!

10 Team Fortress 2

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11 Fortnite

Oh no. Not this game...

Yes, a lot of kids play it (unfortunately) - KingSlayer93316

I cannot stand people at my school going FORTNITE DUBS WITH DA BOIS

12 Poptropica
13 Five Nights at Freddy's

When kids stop playing this,they will start playing Undertale.

14 Pokémon
15 Clash of Clans

Make it stop, its like any other game.

16 Bloons Tower Defense 5
17 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!
18 Undertale Undertale
19 Super Mario Maker
20 Dream League Soccer
21 Super Smash Bros Wii U

Best game in the series.

22 Super Smash Brothers 3ds
23 Mario Party 7
24 Football Manager 2012

I don't stop playing this - Aita45

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