Top 10 Video Games We Most Look Forward to Seeing at 2018s E3

These are the games that do seem appealing to the eye of all gaming paradise known as E3. What is the next breakout game on this glorious E3 Week.
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1 Super Smash Bros. (2018)

An untitled Smash Bros game has been rumored since the beginning of 2018. Initially didn't think it could be a possibility, but its looking more like a secretive confirmed that it will make its first showing in 2018 well I don't mind seeing what new innovative things they put into this hybrid console.

If I ever get a Switch this year, THIS is definitely the first game I'm going to get for it. It's been a really long time since I played Smash, but I can't wait to see what the new roster holds with newcomers like the Inklings. Maybe we'll finally get to play as Bandana Dee from Kirby...?

I saw the trailer on Nintendo Direct! So I KNOW this is coming out this year!

Looks lit, I bet you all 100 bucks that nintendo will succeed in E3 this year

2 Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Hearts III Product Image

Okay if you don't think this game will make its presence guess again because from what I saw I want to know more. Making its triumphant return with many set to come back in the franchise, and even new additions of leaked Pixar characters this looks to be just as phenomenal as the other two games of the series.

I already pre-ordered this game and I don't even know when it comes out

3 Death Stranding Death Stranding Product Image

Okay many of us were completely robbed at the fact that yes Death Stranding made zero appearance in last years E3 that was stunning. We believe... I believe that this game could be the next greatest masterpiece to join the likes of Many others.

Screw Konami, Hideo Kojima for the win!

4 Beyond Good and Evil 2

Yeah this was one big epic surprise by Ubisoft who had one of their performances as a conference in this decade. The future was bright in 2017, but many expect more from this long awaited 15 years making its comeback Beyond Good and Evil is a breath of fresh air we want to see sooner out on shelves than later.

5 Fallout 76

A new Fallout game huh, I assume its not based on the main series, but more of its own spinoff. It's a Survival horror RPG now I'm very invested in the turn out. Okay Bethesda let's see what more you could enlight us with your great presence.

I want to see so bad

6 Ghost of Tsushima

This has been shown leaks of screenshots of what the game could turn out like if so this does a very intriguing premise. It is unknown if it will give us a release date, or a massive tease for potentially a more test out the capabilities of the yet discovered consoles. It looks like a cinematic movie, but yet your playing the game.

7 Yoshi for Nintendo Switch

Oh, right the other Yoshi game that's more of his own perhaps better made game as a starting role rather a side support character to Mario.

8 Spider-Man (PS4)

Okay let's see here we have a release date, Insomniac is the main source in charge of the game what could go wrong? In the long ago past Spider-Man games have been nothing more than novelties than close to good, but with this set to be released in early September this is one I want one more feature to really go I'm in on this one.

9 Metroid Prime 4 Metroid Prime 4 Product Image

Now all we saw was a very short trailer that was reveal to be Prime 4, and I go well done Nintendo now I do wanna know more about this game. My best bet is they'll show the gameplay, but they'll still develop it, and perhaps released later down the road I'd say 2019. Regardless Nintendo has a reason you will tune in.

10 Metro Exodus

Metro has been quite under the radar in terms of a series, but in any case it follows the lines of both 2033, and Metro Light which are both excellent games.The pattern indicates are we in for another Metro solidity to complete the great trilogy?

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11 Sonic Mania Plus Sonic Mania Plus Product Image

Oh that's right the game that goes in a more retro look approach.

12 Red Dead Redemption 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Product Image

An absolute long shot if were going to see it considering I don't know what it is with Rockstar, and being on E3 that often. Luckily we do have a released date for those who love the western basically Grand Theft Auto. The first game was hit, and now getting what the fans wanted a sequel 8 years later.

13 Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin's Creed has started to become Call of Duty slowly, but at times can be more tolerable maybe not entirely fluent, but they are the one of the most well known stealth adventure games going for Ubisoft.

Didn't know about this

Always loved Assassins Creed

14 Undertale for Nintendo Switch

This game died like 2 years ago though

Ugh... that's probably true even though it's a bit pushing to be on every single console it seems like.

15 Forza Horizon 4

I'm hyped for this and I hope the forza devs don't screw up like they did in FM7

Oh hey another racing game for the Xbox... yeah?


Bet it'll take place in Canada or Japan this time

16 Shadow of the Tomb Raider Shadow of the Tomb Raider Product Image

Okay here's a great question whatever happened to Tomb Raider being an exclusive from Sony? If they kept some of their old franchises imagine the power your playing with today would be over 9000! Aside from that mind boggles me greatly ugh... The revived franchised managed to do well with Rise now Shadow being the sequel title now in the works with more detail if its continues on or like Metal Gear, and Legend of Zelda some really screwed up timeline you forgot what goes first and what not.

17 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of duty black ops 4 is a new black ops that's coming out in october 12 2018 and bo4 is kinda like the other black ops just little bit diffrent but its still more hd and upgraded so be sure to order online now at call of so order now or they might be gone

18 Shadows Die Twice

What is this a hashtag or something because doing a quick search you really mean Bloodborne 2. Hey I loved the first game let's see what new things are featured with this mysterious sequel.

19 Rage 2

Surprising to see A sequel to Rage which was very okay first attempt. Yet again Bethesda has been able to turn around resurrected legendary franchises like Doom, and Quake so can Rage 2 forget everything of the first game at least?

20 Team Sonic Racing

We may not see this on the main conferences per say, but the Sonic racing game have been pretty underrated. While not in the level of Mario, Sonic racing games are a fairly decent substitute in the meantime while speculating what the next Mario Kart could be which may be a few years.

21 Cyberpunk 2077

This is easily #1

22 Madden NFL 19 Madden NFL 19 Product Image

The only thing that might be interesting is who is the next victim to be on the cover is the question.

23 Spyro Reignited Trilogy Spyro Reignited Trilogy Product Image
24 Fortnite for Nintendo Switch

Dude, this is just a port... Nothing major like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Are you serious? Out of every awesome games that are going to come out, you’re saying that you’re excited for FORTNITE?


25 Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

For starters great title guys, and next I did like the early set of Serious Sam games on the PC, and seeing there still making committee to the PC culture really keeps them going strong.

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