2018's E3: EA Conference

htoutlaws2012 You know I can totally see why Electronic Arts gets a lotta hate lately between the ''SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS!'' to just a mediocre selection of games they chose to showoff let's just get to it shall we. I'll go by every conference individually each time their completely finished.

Starts off with Anthem opening the conference in a i'll admit cool projector. Were greeted with host Andrea Renee who I have no idea who that is as what the breakdown is gonna shape up to be. Starting with yes Battlefield V multiplayer reveal, and cover of a female protagonist which everyone gone nuts about, and honestly i'm a bit worried about this game as well consider how great the four games were. Not staying away from the WWII setting i'm not comfortable saying it could be as good as those other games, but can it least managed to sip up higher than Hardline which was not that good. I mean do not get me wrong or anything the presentation looks good, and all, but keep in mind a lotta hype could surround this one for sure.

Next we get right into a FIFA trailer which has zero interest for me therefore that's typical EA for yeah. They reflect on the last installment, and this new installment with no big name guest to come out okay than whatever moving on from that 10 minutes waste. Than they go on pointlessly for five minutes for new users to sign in for an origin account that now supports cloud gaming meh. Next we get into Star Wars of course, they make their announcement of this dark title called Jedi Fallen Order which has no real gameplay given, but mentions the darkness involved with its story if so is gonna be like Knights of the Old Republic because those games were awesome. More Star Wars now with the epicly failed microtransactioned Battlefront II. The speaker says that despite our failures will work hard to repay those we screwed over by giving them three generals to play from the Clone Wars General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi hopefully for free otherwise this bombed completely. Next we have another look at Unravel Two the yarn like game showcasing two player Co-op the ironically they are releasing today as if nobody is gonna have enough care for its sequel alright EA maybe you are trying to grab more money than ever. We than see the presenter talk about how much of a great new innovative success A Way Out was when it released just going to be last spring. Leads into a new game called Sea of Solitude probably the best of all of these shown in this conference. It both vibrantly brightful, and strangely the two characters shown is like something outta Legend of Zelda, but with Dark covered in em. After looking at it with some optimism this one stands a chance to successed. One thing I didn't like about it is the beginning the presenter seemed a bit off. This is always why EA always fails more sports because you cared enough to join us. Although I fought it would be NBA Street or something which was great, but instead its just NBA Live 19 yeah no thanks you had me than you lost me. Back to back sports the last one their most precious one Madden 19 which they bring up the guy who the tourney they hosted or something, and their big special guest was last years rookie sensation JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They go on, and talk about how he chase his dream of winning, and beating every gamer on Madden, and then JuJu ends the conversation by saying ''round 2.'' There is nothing that I see that's different from the previous game even worse you could of revealed who won the cover for the regular look, but no we gotta keep it a surprise disappointing. Making its comeback is the Command and Conquer series which was cool to hear, but all that went to south with the way the gameplay looked it just doesn't feel it needed to be apart of the series I do not know my big turn off was when of the guys said ''Micro'' I went no ''You blew it!'' Finally our main event game is none other than Anthem which we saw last year. Okay i'll admit it has some good aspect, but it also remind me of two things Mass Effect meets Destiny which is actually cool in that comparison, but imagine the story being that similar. They end the show in the most mundane way possible by the host Renee basically saying questions given from the Bioware team who were I guess involved with this game which sounds great. We than have our last sneak peek of Anthem with a campaign mission. Now let's take the final verdict which I'll do different from I would normally do with another series.

- Sea of Solitude's creative presence.
- Anthem's Gameplay looks better than the previous year.
- Battlefield V's trailer
- Too many teasing
- ''Sports! Sports! Sports!''
- Command & Conquer surprising blunder
- Female protagonist in Battlefield V
- No Madden Cover Vote Winner Announced
- Cringeworthy host

A total score of... 2.5/10 Next we go from Day 1's predictable mishaps to Day 2's opener Microsoft see you than keep on watching gamers everywhere alike.