2018's E3: Microsoft Conference

htoutlaws2012 Awe yes the company i'm not really have a lotta fanfare for the last 5 years since their big betrayal unveiling the Xbox One I kept myself from approaching this with an eased open mind. In fairness it was not as bad as I fought it would be so enough talk get on with the show...

They start off with the franchise that has gone way downhill since 2012 Halo series... and of course a lotta speculation over its 6th, and final main title of the god awful 343 trilogy now titled Infinite. Well that's a slight step up, but based on its yes teaser frankly that's all it was not a whole lotta story given here which means it will released in 2019, or 2020 and finally end this crap for good. After the trailer here's Head man President of Xbox Phil Spencer who is one guy I never really had they guts to hate he is the man, but some things they do is clearly not well admired. than we get to a long list of games they had chosen to reveal on the big which I like to point out not all are exclusive that you could also get for the PlayStation 4.

We begin with Will of the Wisps the sequel to Blind Forest is gonna be released in 2019. One thing I do like about this exclusive is how it looks unique in its own way, and I say give this a shot of the few bright spots they have had in their miserable time with this system. Hey Dark Souls fans we got your mystery behind the hidden name, and its just discovered the title is not Bloodborne 2 it is actually Sekiro might as well be Samurai Warriors because that's the vibe I got from its trailer I except it well be good, and all though. Not too long after that we get Todd of Bethesda with a great pop as we all knew what was coming next Fallout 76 that's what, and its said to be a prequel before any of the other games would take place. I feel I shouldn't talk too much about it though since there's probably more information that needs to be addressed later tonight regarding this one, but great to see it now I guess. Than they make this great announcement of this Xbox game pass they shove down your throat by showing a ton of games your least likely to play through yeah I know. Things get briefly worse when a game called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is next on deck, and honestly for a spinoff to Life is Strange this is bad very pleasing to be honest. Next oh Hello again Terry Crews in Crackdown 3 how we knew you would come sooner than later. I love the first game, but its sequel took a huge step down this 3rd game may rebound from that. Than we get a quick look at a Nier sequel which looks skippable in all fairness. Metro was one of the things I was looking most forward to, and seeing that makes me wanna play it. Than things climb back up seeing Kingdom Hearts 3, okay yeah Frozen and Tangled characters whatever that's not the point if you played the games you know where these types of settings would be in, and in this case it looks great can't wait to play it. Problem I'm not gonna play on the Xbox One, but more less you guessed the PlayStation 4. We have an extension pack of the very mediocre Sea of Thieves game, followed by Forza a lotta people still have strong faith in which I have nothing against them it is a Racing franchise that doesn't look ruined one bit. Than we get to Jokers favorite game We Happy Few makes another appearance now with more detail than before how the game is a world of crazy happies, and you just a normal being with no face paint. It does have great originality, but again hows this a plus for Microsoft its gonna be on both consoles? Phil Spencer than comes back on to brag about the four major companies Microsoft purchased for their new concepts which leads into PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) which you all know what that is right its already out for the system it competed against Fortnite, and are basically the same thing. Man Microsoft really caters to Anime I can see why since they fail in Japan over the years, but in this case I have no interest in Tales of Vesperia. From what I fought was State of Decay 2 instead its Tom Clancy's Division 2 which alright I guess its just there, and Ubisoft is yet to make it presence until tomorrow. With the whole horror like theme that is not what I would of figured out like at all.

I go for a brief pee break to notice Tomb Raider is next which okay the game from 3 years looked fine, but I'm not sure if I'd pursuit something like this I recognized its still going, but seeing it on Microsoft though? Here's one of the biggest tricks of the night, You would believe the skating game you were seeing was Skate 4 right? Guess again this is Session and i go huh? Gee the kickstarters really takeover don't they? Then we have some PC game making its first appearance called Black Desert Online which immediately sounds racist, and second its was mainly for PC gaming now we transition from console with this mystery case by many of us if its truly that incredible worthy that is it surely cannot be. One of the most popular rumored games to this year is Devil May Cry V. Microsoft surely doesn't hesitate in showcasing some of those speculated surprises. DMC V does look like another solid game in a franchise that's now like Tomb Raider okay than. One game that was pretty impressive for an indie title was Cuphead now makes a tiny few minute appearance to add a hero, and a boss alright next! Tunic looks like a ripoff of Animal Crossing meets Legend of Zelda that was similar to a game last year with the same ideal yikes Microsoft not cool. Jump Force looks amazing all your favorite anime characters in one fighting game looks like a solid choice, but than again catering to the Japanese alike. I do love Dying Light a few years back, and seeing a sequel is well deserved.

When I heard that Battletoads was going to get a long revived sequel i'm like no its Rare not as great as they use to be, and i'm sticking with that logic. Oh my another Just Cause game how much more stunt, and explosions did we add here? We starting getting near the end of the show, and one of its more consistently fluent franchise Gears Of War had unveiled three new titles. A mobile app meh, Tactics which might be their way of trying to be an RPG perhaps, and lastly Gears Of War 5 which looks great, and interesting we have Kait as somebody from the last game as a potentially infected locust host. To me this is their best franchise remaining of great quality, and I like how that's shown with the last game they completely swerve their own fans as to the final game they unveil for the conference to end in both stunning, but forgivable. Hey everybody loved Witcher 3 right? Well another popularity speculated game from has come back after being missed for five years into obscurity. I'll be very blunt Cyberpunk looks 10 times better than that Detroit: Become Human Game that was just released not too long ago with Blade Runner inspired setting this looks like the next masterpiece that makes its impressions again know thanks to CD Projekt.

- Gears of War, Froza, & Crackdown all treated like humble exclusives
- Hyped up Bethesda Conference with Fallout 76
- Great Presentations
- Strong Finish
- Teaser Happy
- 75% of the games they ended up making a great deal of are also going on Sony
- Tunic being a bad ripoff of Two Nintendo Franchises in One

A total Score of... 7.5/10 Coming up next Bethesda Night watch approaching more information on Fallout 76, and many many more news to come game on for now.