2018's E3: Bethesda Conference

htoutlaws2012 Okay I should oh already finished this by now, but I need to get caught up in my unfinished blog posts I needed to recuperate from a week due to things getting hectic, but now i'm back so back to the convention land only its nightfall, and now we go into the land of Bethesda...

It begins with a typical dream of how things work at a Bethesda office, and then immediately they managed to get yes I kid you not Andrew W.K. on a gaming conference is to me amazing, but at the same time the audience had a very confused look which was hilarious. This leads into Rage 2 making jokes about how the rumor came out at a random Walmart store which I found as somewhat funny. The guy than takes to two other dudes one of them being apart of the band that just performed. This is explained because they are apart of Rage 2's Soundtrack which does make a lotta sense. From the presentation it looks way more exciting than the first game which was for many disappointing very surprised to see somebody give this a second shot honestly. We than come greeted with a pair of Elder Scrolls deals in which we hear online once more, and Legends which is more less some expansion okay than. Now we get to our first big surprise reveal of the conference. In no way did I expect a DOOM sequel so soon especially when its been 2 years since the 2016 game which was awesome, and now what can they do with Eternal even from its cool trailer I can't wait for Quakecon to know more about this as you all know i'm a Diehard DOOM fan.

Than some guy from Quake Champions shows off why you should get the game by playing with us with the demonstration of what you been missing I feel its needed to an extent since not every gamer fan is of PC Gaming, but would at least want to look for it than there you go. Than we are revisited with last years Wolfenstein which was of the most exciting games I saw from them, and in that they decided to show off two other games for the series. Youngblood, and Cyberpilot take place in different settings, and years which does sound interesting, but there's not enough to go buy if its worth the buy though. Than you realize were near the end of the conference when the man Todd Howard comes to make a 45 minute long saying of what we have in store in the future, but first we get to a game that was already announced earlier in Fallout 76 which sounds like a prequel I don't mind getting more into. We also get a mobile fallout game which okay I guess, but I don't need it to clog up unneeded space. More Mobile phone action only its now Elder Scrolls again no I don't care about app games no thanks. We get to our final two surprise reveals being Starfield which there's no enough to say what exactly its about, and Elder Scrolls VI is now in the works. Good luck because Skyrim delivered on every level, and now you better hope its just as even as it gets good luck Bethesda god speed treat it well.

- Fairly good surprise reveals
- Todd Howard's comedy bits
- Andrew W.K. performance

- Mobile games
- Many New Reveals With Little Information
- Prey appears again?

A total score of... 7/10 Coming Up next are all the unknown conferences many of you probably didn't see are you truly hardcore when you've seen various conferences as these until next time gamers.


Fallout 76 = disaster - iliekpiez