2018's E3: Digital Revolver, Square Enix, Limited Run Games & PC Gaming Show Conferences

htoutlaws2012 Now we get into what I like to call the conferences nobody bothers with, and in doing so let's take a look at all these very quick shorties of there own unique way of delivery if any credibility they have.

Viewer discretion is advised

Digital Revolver:

We start with one that lasted the shortest amount where you had to stay up at night to see its crazy antics. As the show begins we are greeted with this generic presenter as the audience laughs with crazy looking faces close up, and than the show really begins with last years real presenter. Nina Struthers basically beheads the guy, and on with the show from talking with the crowd to having Jeffrey Nina goes on a roll for 15 minutes showing yes only 3 games which is pretty disappointing. More crowd comedy random dude takes his shirt off followed by another dude with glasses eating a Banana gets torched yeah they pull no stops in this do they? Let's back a little bit actually on the game I skipped which was Scum which looks like a survival horror game from the small little bits shown. Looks alright, but maybe i'm crazy in saying its now getting overdone it seems like. Personally of the three games they shown My Friend Pedro look fun to play for an indie game. It is also the only one that shows actual gameplay so well done on this one. In the final act of the night Jeffrey sets something up that looks like a setup of small screen with what looks to be a Sega Dreamcast hooked in I mean does it look like that? Suddenly out of randomness his dead by the nurse person, and now we finally get to a game that hasn't been heard of nearly 14 years in that would be of course the hidden gem known as Metal Wolf Choas. As i''m listening to this i'm sitting here going oh its a remastered to the classic Xbox game on all platforms great I guess, but if I wanted to relive something I think overdoing the whole remastered gets kinda tiring if you already have it if you know where i'm getting at. The show ends with some guy who looks like Snake Plissken with a mingun shooting the life outta the hostess. Waking up in a hospital saying ''Nina mother****** Struthers'' hinted she's all reborn and better than ever making you wait until next year what they'll do next.

- Very Entertaining
- Nina Struthers
- My Friend Pedro

- 3 Games
- 20 Minutes

A Total Score of... 6.5/10 I wouldn't say this is the winner by all means yes it was great in a entertainment value setting, but It had way less to offer for gamers more less a comedy at night.

Square Enix:

I'm waking up today is heavy packed filled with conferences in the works, and we begin with the kings of RPG's Square who I was looking forward to seeing because of well Kingdom Hearts speculation and all, and whatever else they had to offer...

We are greeted by the president of the company Matsuda and already this doesn't sound like a good start as his saying stuff in his own language. While Japanese are great at making video games man are they hard to understand when it comes to that. We get more details on this Tomb Raider now were shown the gameplay portion instead of the trailer that was unveiled by Microsoft. The game does show some great display of stealth element in this adventure long running series which may seem like a good game, but I do not have a care for as much as others. Next we have a cross over with Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter in one fine concept I guess, but its just not of my interest since I never cared for Final Fantasy, and Monster Hunter is very new to me despite being around for a bit. Once again we come back to what looks to be a very bad title in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. One look of the graphics and they downplay what looks at best a PS3, or 360 game I kid you not watching this twice makes me assume that. Knowing Square there would be more RPG games of there own property, and Dragon Quest is indeed one of those, but to be honest I haven't played any of them yet. There not a whole lot to really say on Babylon's Fall seeing it doesn't seem finished nor does look to be going anywhere seeing that I can't think of how this could possibly be good. If i'm correct that the same recycled one Microsoft used when they shows Nier. Not sure what to say for Octopath Traveler I mean what they presented like it was in roman times they did not even bother showing an actual trailer, or gameplay of it just a still more less of it which kinda sucks. Oh man are you ready for more explosions than Just Cause 4 has got to live to more explosions the third game has delivered to gamers. Now here's easily the best game they showcased in this entire conference, The Quiet Man looks both realistic, and plays like a beat em up on that type of console an its a PS4 title only aside from PC. Finally the main event is predictably Kingdom Hearts III which has literally the same trailer from the Microsoft world premiere so fine but I still can't wait because its Kingdom Hearts, and they have Pixar now.

- The Quiet Man
- Gameplay of Tomb Raider
- Keith David's Narration

- Little to know of few second trailer of new titles
- Recycled Trailers from earlier conferences
- No Set Venue Found

Total Score of... 3/10 You can't do worse than EA which luckily Square had some things of interest where it was pretty close to uninteresting as it got though unfortunately.

Limited Run Games:

With a greater utter disappointment out of the way I hadn't know what to say when Limited Run taking the stage next, and boy was it something...

First off I gotta seeing the odd like CGI setting in a conference like this would strain me into not even listening to the two presenters that's one thing that bothers me next the audience is all paper mache looking no set real audience this is very disturbing. I don't wanna spend too much time talking about this, but from what I did like from them is they do have games that do have a somewhat of interest they way the style is, but in the end its just a tough sit through without realizing the creepy factor this brings.

- Great lineup of showcased Games

- Disturbing CGI set
- Cardboard/Paper Mache elements
- Eye Strains

Total Score of 2.6/10 Notice I gave it a generous rating why, they were at least something different to see unlike EA who are way too predictable every single year you watch them you know there going to be bad with this I wasn't sure to think of it until having a hard sit through with it you at least had some games that look good shown off in the process of all the negatives.

PC Gaming Show:

Our final of these obscure conferences caters to the PC culture the oldest fanbase in history. Like the last two shows they talk to developers for the most part and showcase games that are on other consoles, or exclusive to computers depending on the software data you have. The setting much more different than previous two years combined its very bright, and summer appropriate. They spend a good portion of the time saying what's new to this game yet to be seen, or its what new expansion or you on with so on and so forth. I find them to be interesting only to a certain degree. If there in a more boring tone than yeah I can't sit through what was 2 hours of that than jump into the next conference. I apologize i'm cutting these two so short, but to be honest there's not much else to say other than the general premise. This is a much better step up by far from the last one.

- Great Presentations
- Nice Venue

- Dull at Times
- No Serious Sam 4 (Wasn't shown until the final day that week)

Total Score of 6/10 It okay could of been worse, but this will do tolerable at times to sit though even with some gags here, and there trying to keep you on edge.

Ans so there was only three shows remaining. Could any of these shows be better than Microsoft by any chance will find out next time.