2018's E3: Ubisoft Conference

htoutlaws2012 Now only three of these conferences remain. One of these fully surprised a lot of people how serious they took the conference last year how can they follow up last years stellar performance...

Ubisoft opens the show with two people of their own as they say ''Are you ready!'' to the fans, and the viewers at home that's one way to pump a crowd that's a interesting start. Until a dancing panda appears that might as well have Austin Powers intro now that would been creative. Of course this promotes Just Dance yawn, they recover though from a new Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer that looks impressive the even showed some footage of the potential of what it could look like for the consoles, and maybe even PC. Oh and yes who knew Joseph Gordon Levitt is the founder of Ubisoft maybe that's why his taken these shows more seriously for a change I mean after all he is hesher after all Right? The than talk about pointlessly about the competitive spirit Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has in a documentary Another Mindset okay I guess, but whatever moving on. I do like the intro of the dude coming out to metal music while its obvious another Trials game is on the horizon. The first game was okay, but a somewhat disappointment overall, but like most sequels in games there usually better. Hopefully they give it better polish and justify what failed to execute with gamers.

We are than followed by a team up with Nintendo of last years Mario + Rabbids crossover game which is not too bad in itself adding Donkey Kong in the mix. We see a orchestra band piece on stage to really drive it on home, and even a bigger endorsement by having the man himself Miyamoto not for that, but for a game called Starlink which well get to him in a little bit. At the first screen I saw Skull & Bones last year figured it was just there, but now seeing it again it looks better the second go around. Now we get to a game I have heard rumors of Transference to appear at some point in this entire E3 horror debut makes its first reveal on Ubisoft. I gotta say of all of these this one has me the most intrigued even despite knowing Beyond Good & Evil 2 would be back. Another new one I believe in Starlink comes out this year even includes a Nintendo character Fox McCloud into the fold. It gives me that No Man's Sky appeal where it looks disappointing even from its trailer I'd avoid myself from getting this game in that regard. They did give the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto his respect though by giving a piece of there offering which is very classy to see as he and the french presenter go backstage for unexplained reasons. To cool off the crowd a but we have a For Honor DLC expansion because sure it was a hit I did like to a certain extent. Oh look the other racer game The Crew 2 I go meh immediately not interested even if it looks good it pretty much Forza i'm I not wrong in saying that. The main event showcase though is of course one of there most famous titles Assassin's Creed every single year there is always one bound to come out, and this years theme Roman times in other words greek mythology more less that's cool concept i'll give it that, but of course the stealth combo puts it over the edge as well.

- Shigeru Miyamoto
- Solid Presentations

- Dancing Panda
- No Splinter Cell

Total Score of... 6.5/10 Not quite as good as last year, but not a terrible conference either. Coming up next the two big console competitors to Microsoft will they end up reign supreme or will t be a major upset find out more as we get close to the end of all of this.


Love the previews for the new Assassins Creed - 2storm

I agree, this conference was pretty alright, not that bad - B1ueNew

Ubisoft will find a way to mess things up - iliekpiez