2018's E3: Sony Conference

htoutlaws2012 Viewer discretion is advised

With only two conferences remain the show you would believe would really start to get very interesting to this point. Roll the dice whose turn is it Sony your on the clock...

Right away you'll notice there venue of choice is some ancient looking church setting which I don't get when you have a dude with a Banjo playing oh how lovely I guess. Total misfire that could of been a dark organ person in the background would been more epic it would fit more nicely. Our first game revealed after that performance is The Last of us Part II. The first few minutes of this game shown is quite a stretch to show I mean we have lesbians kissing, and the game begins in stealth action. May times you try to take the person from behind they manage to try to slice you in half. Maybe its the dude showing off its still being tested, but it turns out its just a flashback ugh... we than get to this awkward like post like conference which the show just started why are they interacting like this? This is the Playstation Intermission what this is like a lighting round of video games that also come on this system that are not the main focus of this years show in a way it works, but it may also not go well with others if its a big deal franchise. One of those for example being Blackops 4 which frankly isn't worth that much discussion seeing that gamers know what the details of this latest installment is that it blatantly is all about Multiplayer which shouldn't be an appeal as the series has really felt irrelevant more than anything now in this new realm of gaming ruled by Fortnite, Overwatch, and others. They do some a somewhat ad like showing of VR reveals that are just pointless to begin, and something never should of been brought up 20 years later. Destiny 2 with a DLC coming called Forsaken.

The Intermission is gone, and now suddenly were introduced to a new location venue now we have a skin flute guy performing okay this is getting totally confusing now. Oh man does Ghost of Tsushima look remarkable, and even by its gameplay it looks much better than that other Samurai related game earlier on. For a Sony exclusive this was one of the more anticipated to see more of, and it looks very impressive. After a digital banana is playing those riffs on that guitar we see Control which is a very wild looking choice, and I could get why they would showcase this it does look to have great elements, but is it anything like MindJack where the concept is the right idea, but not programmed well is what worries about a title like this. Next we get a close up of a rat strolling through a world of zombies that you couldn't tell what it was until the very end seeing Leon's face Resident Evil 2 Remastered okay I guess I do like the second game, but it comes now here near the awesome level of the 4th game which holds up to the end of time as the best in the series. Next we get to probably the lamest of all these titles Trover Saves The Universe which looks like a cartoon that's okay i'm not gonna think that's the bad look, but when I saw the way the characters were i'm like no go for me those eyes like very weird looking. There's a conspiracy that the man behind this game is yes the genius behind the awesome Adult Swim show Rick & Morty that at least had a genuinely intelligently written concept this i'm not so sold on surprisingly. Kingdom Hearts III is back only now we get trailer #2 by Sony showing more details of what we will embrace for This winter early 2019 with again Pixar, and all new Disney characters added to this iconic RPG series. Things were finally starting to pick up for Sony all the heavy hitters were coming left and right finally we see Death Stranding reappear on stage after no words from last year. Yes the presentation many won't understand, but to me this is one of the more underrated showings this year where nobody really said this was the best they were more less confused by its tone being that Kojima is behind this game I feel it can be a classic even with a missed story do I need to say anything about Earthbound? Next we have Nioh II there is much to comment on this other than ''death defines you...'' Our main event game of the night goes to Spider-Man which they have build up for the last 3 E3's this should deliver hopefully seeing that its insomniac who are very good developer team I'm sure that if this Spider-Man is amazing as it looks to be it could be the next Arkham counterpart. After a good turnaround from a confusing start Sony ends their conference on a strange note back to the Intermission area was it enough to beat Microsoft however.

- Good turnaround 2nd half
- Strong exclusive showcase
- Musical Performances

- Odd venue set-up
- PlayStation Intermission
- The last of Us Part II Trailer

Total Score of... 6.5/10 While it was much different from the previous Sony conferences this one was stunning that it could not out do Microsoft, and in a way that the exclusive that they do show was fairly good, but at the end of the day the setting from two views is odd to sit trough, and to top it off do we really need an intermission it might as well be for the pre-show or something wow was I stunned to see them not outdo Microsoft. Now there is only one company left can Nintendo finally put an end to this, and be the ultimate underdog of this entire E3 we will see the conclusion next time happy gaming!


I think that sony ran away with e3 due to spider man and gears 5 - TealBoyxx