Top Ten Video Games that Were Ruined by Their Fanbases

Everyone knows that Video Games are one of the most popular sources of fun and enjoyment. So it's great when you make a video game and it gets recognized and popular, but If it gets too popular, There is the chance of a fanbase coming along and some of the people in the fanbase will make cringeworthy content about it. Examples of Cringey Content Include These: Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Idolization, Videos of screaming kids, and more.

The Top Ten

1 Minecraft Minecraft

Minecraft has become one of the most - if not, the most popular game of all time. It was doing pretty well until somewhere in 2014 or 2015. some of the kids that are fans of minecraft loved the game so much, they worship the it and consider people who hate minecraft as... Well let's just say that they hate them back. There is now awful parody songs, animations, Trends in the game, and times where gold is called Butter. It sounds pretty ridiculous for a sandbox building game to end up like this, but there is a thing called being too popular, and I have to say that unfortunately, Minecraft has suffered this. - SpectralOwl

This is my favorite game, I've been playing since 2012 or 2014 Still fun updates keep it good - FallenBlaze

Those little kids has turned minecraft into cancer. It is like the north korea in the game world. There are stupid parody songs and youtubers and A LOT MORE and they started worshio notch and of course, skydoesminecraft. The fanbase probably hadn't allowed OPINIONS, probably the same reason. That has ruined minecraft, SpectralOwl was right. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Youtubers like Super Minecraft Kid and SkyDoesMinecraft just ruin the game! Mostly the kids! I'm 10 years old, but I'm not annoying like the 8 year olds! - Datguyisweird666

Don’t even get me started on how annoying the 8-12 year old fanbase is - Randomator

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2 Sonic the Hedgehog

Modern Sonic fan brats...Modern Sonic fan brats everywhere. These idiots have NO respect for anyone who dislikes the modern games, and will go out of their way to let the world know how upset they are just because people don't like the modern games. These are the very same losers who sit around in their grungy roach-infested apartments all day long bashing classic Sonic,but if someone dares to say one little negative word about their precious modern Sonic, these fan brats will throw a massive temper tantrum and start bullying/harassing/making fun of those who rightfully hate modern Sonic. I wouldn't be too surprised if these fan brats get triggered by Sonic being short and fat with peach colored arms. I hate the modern day Sonic fans because they act like it's illegal to hate modern Sonic. They NEVER listen to anyone when told that people have a right to hate modern Sonic.

Are you kidding? No one even likes Modern Sonic anymore. If anything, Modern Sonic is overhated. - Drawbox

I hate the fans that create crazy shippings and make crazy fan art - Randomator

It sucks when fans cross Sonic over with many old cartoons.

Not all Sonic fans are horrible, though.

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3 Roblox

I Do not even like this game, and the fans could be part of the reason. That's it. - SpectralOwl

This fun game has one of the most terrible community. - MrCoolC

ROBLOX is cancer at least it comes with bleach

Roblox is a bad enough but the fanbases ruin it. It's wrong now like people on Roblox have Relationships (even though one of them is like 7 or summat) and disturbing stuff. Roblox fanbases are so bad they ruined Scratch (75% at the least, the other thing is Warrior Cats). They ruined Scratch by saying rude stuff like "this game sucks" one legendary scratcher Splo deleted his account because of them. They are noobs and they start dabbing in 2018 it died in 2016.

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4 Five Nights at Freddy's

How do people ship horror games? - Ilikegames

Every game/T.V. show/movie is ruined by their fan base - Phillip873

I hate FNAF. That's not just because of the game itself, but the fans. This game was supposed to be scary, but it is not anymore due to the fanart of the animatronics and the people who worship the game. This franchise got so popular that FNAF World was made and now a MOVIE?! I believe that this game was fine without a fanbase like this - SpectralOwl

5 Undertale

I'm not a fangirl. People need to stop ruining video games! Undertale was a Amazing game, with good story lines, wonderful characters, Catchy music and was well made...but now... it's ruined by it's own fanbase, I think Undertale would've been better off if people just kept their ships to themselves and leave this game alone...

Undertale was a cute little game, but after one playthrough I was done. Some of the fans have blown it out of proportion, and now you can't view a YouTube comment section on any video without seeing a Sans account.

Oh and by the way am I the only one that realizes that a lot of the fan base that likes the game actually played the game and just like it - Ilikegames

Getting harassed over not liking Soriel or Frans is ridiculous...Tori and Sans are friends that's it also I'm alright with the whole Frans thing as long as Frisk is an adult...but there are people that pair Frisk with Sans when Frisk is a kid. Also people get triggered easily in the Undertale can come when they find out you did the genocide route or call Frisk a he or she...none of the characters are real it is after all a videogame. Not a great was okay but certainly nothing to brag about.

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6 Call of Duty
7 Super Smash Bros.

One half is "Melee was better! All new SSB games are trash! " While the other is the Rosalina, Peach, and Daisy wars that I don't even wanna go in to. The rest is just people who take the game too seriously and they will type in Caps Lock if something isn't to their liking, and a tiny sliver is people who just play the game. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Funny how only about 2% of the fanbase actually plays the games - Randomator

The Melee bitches are the worst. "Brawl sucks because it's not Melee! "

8 Cuphead

Based on what I heard from RetroNemo of The Roundtable, this game was already destined to have its fan base start making porn of it in a few months after it came out. I'm not going to let my curiosity get the best of me on this one... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well Thank to their fandom for ruining to Old Cartoon that we love.

Good Game and Ruined them badly!

Worst fandom in history!

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9 Fortnite: Battle Royale

It's like 11 year olds being a noob and one angry kid cried cause he got trapped in a tent.

As Comic Book Guy would say "Worst Battle Royale Game Ever"

Fortnite Season 5 is crap.

Research says that “Fortnite” kills brain cells, or at least that what it seems like. - 3DG20

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10 Pokemon

Millennials like the nostalgia. But called a Genwunner. (Even if they might have played gens after the first generation)

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11 Hello Neighbor

Fgteev, trinity and beyond, etc, turn this game from a horror game, to a kid friendly disaster.

12 Bendy and the Ink Machine

I really hate the Bendy franchise and fandom.

Boring Fanbase I ever seen and a waste of time!

Worst Video Game Franchises ever!
Even the fan are dumb!


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13 Super Mario Bros.

To be honest, I think the only worst aspects of the Super Mario fan base are the ones that always start flame wars over certain characters in the franchise and those that constantly start fandom rivalry arguments with the Sonic fan base. I wouldn't say it's as toxic or divisive as other video game fan bases, but Super Mario isn't completely safe from it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I kinda disagree - Randomator

14 Portal

Portal isn’t completely safe but it is still playable and still one of the greatest series of all time - Ilikegames

15 Star Fox 64

Same problem as Super Smash Bros. Melee; the fans are overly obsessed on one game, but the second you say ANYTHING positive about the other games, they'll hunt you down and attempt to kill you.


Eastern Europe ruined this awesome game.

Americans tell me to go away.

Barnsey and Vilso are both admin and they are both idiots, they should be banned or taken their admin away from them is a online game part of the rise games this was ruined by Poles, Turks and Serbs and Georgians. The Turks do nooby stuff like spamming and that. Same with Poles even though they score a hat-trick of own goals. Georgians leave in 1v1s they are losing 1-0 and they will quit. Serbs are just Roblox noobs.

17 Dark Souls III

Good game but ruined by cringy fanbase.

18 Um Jammer Lammy
19 Super Smash Bros. Melee

Fox shine earrape.

20 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!

It is now dead, guys come on play something else.

21 Minecraft: Story Mode

Crap Game. Crapper Fanbase.

22 Jailbreak (Roblox)

Jailbreak is a good game ruined by the noobs who think you are a hacker.

23 Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

Oh god, I hope there aren't fans that are shipping playtime with it's a bully out there - SpectralOwl

24 Kirby Series
25 Doki Doki Literature Club! Doki Doki Literature Club!

This game is not as bad as fnaf, bendy,or hello neighbor. The only difference between those games in this game is that... kids don’t play it. Other than that, people are obsessed with this game, they are shipping the girls together, hundreds of Lewds of the girls. And it gets better, if talk one bad thing about their favorite character, they will attack you just like bendy or hello neighbor. The only reason why it’s still going is because of bijuu mike who is milking the series with mods.

26 Star Fox Command
27 Fire Emblem
28 Mega Man

Rocket League game ruined by Turkish noobs and 1v1s.

30 FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is a awesome game but Ronaldo and 8 year old noobs ruined a bit of it but still a really good game!

31 Madden NFL 18

Ragers ruined the game we know and love.

32 Super Mario Maker

There a lot of hate comments online somebody swore at my friend's level.

33 Brofist Simulator: Sweden
34 Final Fantasy

Just the franchise in general. If you like a game in the series, people will call you a retard for enjoying it. If you don’t particularly care for a game, people will swarm you calling you a retard because you couldn’t understand it.

35 Overwatch

There's always an idiot on my team in nearly every game that forces one of their teamates to switch just because there is no Tank or Healer or I just picked Hanzo

most of the people in the fanbase have a Fetish with Tracer & Widowmaker's Butt and do fanarts even before the game was even released and due to that people are making Porn Videos of the game.

36 Powerpuff Girls Z the Game
37 Battlefield

I find it ironic that the Battlefield community bashes other FPS communities for being inferior to Battlefield when they themselves are tainting the picture of their own game franchise.

38 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Fanbase is just as bad as fortnite, and smash bros, You have fortnite fanbase that consists of Ninja (who also played H1Z1 and Pubg before) and cringey kids posting their wins and bragging and the pubg fans that think this game has no problems and is very original when it's just a 3rd person shooter but instead of having a story mode, it's a game where you kill other people, So original! - B1ueNew

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