Top 10 Video Games You Wish Nintendo and Sony Would Make


The Top Ten

1 The Adventures of Captain Falcon: Harbinger of Justice
2 Super Metroid Maker
3 Mother 4

Needs to happen - CatsOMG

4 Wario and Waluigi: Partners in Crime

A spin-off of another spin-off, featuring spin-off characters. I like it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

5 Xenogears: Director's Cut
6 Crash Twinsanity: Director's Cut
7 Super Metroid: Zero Mission
8 Grand Theft Mario: San Paisanos
9 Parappa's Woolly World
10 Mortal Kirby

The Contenders

11 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2
12 Pokémon Snap XXX

I want it

13 Modnation Racers 2 for Ps4
14 Lylat Warriors - Star Fox
15 Mario and Sonic Adventures
16 From Demon to Saint - Fire Emblem
17 Krystal Adventures
18 Modnation Fighter
19 Super Smash Bros. Generations
20 Star Fox Shmup
21 Farewell, Beloved Falco
22 PlayStation VR Heroes

I never got the chance to play PlayStation Move Heroes but I'd like to see it make a comeback because it features three of my most favorite Sony game franchises (Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper) in it.

23 Mario Kart 9 (Featuring Fox McCloud as a New Guest)
24 Dillon's Rolling Western 3
25 Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade + the Binding Blade Remake

This needs to happen, man...

26 F-Zero SX (Switch)
27 WipeOut PS4
28 Qwark & Nefarious
29 Um Jammer Lammy 2
30 Parappa the Rapper 3
31 Mortal Kart
32 Super Metroid Prime
33 Underbound
34 Super Mario Universe
35 Team Fortress PS4
36 Breasts of the Wild
37 Yoshi's Woolly Island
38 Super Mario Galaxy 3
39 Waluigi's Mansion
40 Wario Land: Switch It!
41 Xenoblade Chronicles XXX
42 Mario Kart: Double Dash to the Second Power
43 Warioware: Switched!
44 Halotroid
45 Final Fantasy VI Remake
46 Bowser's Tower Defense
47 Um Jammer Lammy HD
48 Super Princess Rosalina
49 Henry Hatsworth in Yet Another Even More Puzzling Adventure
50 Meta Knightmare Revengeance
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