Mother 3: Random Video game review

Mother 3 is one of the most underrated games ever created, which is the main reason of myself to do a review about it. It has been released in 2006 by HAL for the GameBoy Advance, japan only. This is the main reason, why nobody played it.

The game begins with you naming your characters, but if you don't care, you can just choose: Don't care (No, seriously, theres an option for that).It's very basic, until you name your favorite food? and thing?(I choose Pizza and Games, by the way). Right after this, the game needs no time to get interesting with the forest burning away.

Mother 3's main source of genius comes from the amazing storyline, focusing around the protagonist Lucas pulling out the seven needles to reawaken the dragon sleeping under the earth. What sounds like a copy & paste from Paper Mario, get's very complex and absolutely emotional near the end. To avoid any spoilers, I will not write much more about it, but if you played the game, you should know what I'm talking about.

But Mother 3 does not rely on story only, it also has an basic, yet fun to use battle system. It focuses all around an timer, which count's down the damage you've taken, instead of just subtracting it. This makes for some of the most intense and fun moments in the game, because you can attack, heal and guard, while the counter goes down. It even gets some great boss battles done, favorites include Fasadan, Porky Minch, who I absolutely despise and the final boss, which is near perfection(No name, cause spoilers).

The graphics are totally ripped from Earthbound, favoring a cartoony look, instead of more detailed graphics. While the game did'nt impress at launch, it never gets old, letting it age surprisingly well.

Mother 3 takes place on the Nowhere Islands, some unknown amount of years after the second game, Earthbound. During your adventure you will control a handful of colorful characters, including Duster, a thief or Salsa, a monkey inhabitate by Fasadan, who tortures her. With those characters, you get to explore an gorgeus world, which includes some of the most memorable places in video games, most notably the Hall of Memories, which showcases items from Earthbound. If you played it, I'm sure you will remember this place(still have yet to play Earthbound).

Mother 3 follows the slogan of the Mother trilogy: ,,Strange, funny and heartrending'' in an memorable way, by taking away some fun things for a far darker and more emotional storyline, while still having the quirky elements of Earthbound in itself. This makes it a Must-Play for every fan of Earthbound or even the original Mother.

As an final verdict I give this game a
9,5/10 with my own adjective of ,,Fantastic''
It's one of the absolute highlights on the GBA, as well as the entire RPG genre and I think it's safe to say, that Mother 3 surpasses Eartbound in every level, while being one of the greatest games I have ever played.


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