Rayman Legends: Random video game review

The Rayman series is a Jump'Run franchise created by Ubisoft. Starting as an colourful 2D platformer it got two sequels in 3D, the great escape and Hoodlum Havoc. After being overshadowed by Sonic and Mario for years it followed the trend, created by Donkey Kong Country Returns, of the modern 2D platformer (can somebody please add a wikipedia site for this). So Rayman Origins was created and Rayman got back into the hall of platformer fame.

Years after Origins, Ubisoft decided to make another Rayman 2D platformer. And so, Rayman Legends was born.

To say it first, Rayman Legends main quality are the music levels. If you ask yourself:,,WHAT?'', it's exactly that what you think. Entire levels based around music. And yes, IT'S AWESOME. These levels include remixes of well known songs, including ,,Eye of the Tiger'' and ,,Black Betty''(EotT is my favorite music level).

Another level type are the Murphy levels, including you manipulating the level, so that Murphy can get through it. These levels are much fun, especially on WiiU and PC, due to the well thought out levels and the very good AI.

But besides of Murphy and Musiclevels, there are other fantastic levels, with well paced design. It even got one of the most amazing water levels in the form of 20.000 Lums under the sea. Unlike Origins the levels are not frustrating, while still having the fun of Origins in themselves.

Rayman Legends gameplay is completly ripped off from Origins, meaning the controls being very fluid and responsive. If you die in Rayman Legends, it's your own fault. And even if this game is most of the time fair and forgiving. It's still challenging enough to make itself interesting.

The story, to put it simply, is, like in most other Rayman games non existent. But packaged with insanely funny moments.

Last, but not at least, Rayman Legends is full with content, to keep completionists busy for a long time. Multiple characters, unlockables, lums, challenges and even THE ENTIRITY OF RAYMAN ORIGINS. I'm not kidding, they put all levels from Origins in the game. Summing up to an amount of 120 well designed and thought out levels.

Rayman Legends has brought Rayman to full glory and made itself to one of the greatest platformers of all time. Which is why it deserves the score of an:
9/10 with the adjective of ,, Amazing''
It's the pure and utter perfection of an already fantastic franchise of platformers. Rayman has never seen his full glory until Legends, which is itself an legend and one of the main reasons to anticipate 2016 release of the next Rayman game.


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