Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Random video game review

Disclaimer: This review could cause your mind to explode. If you like your brain, then NAAH, screw it!
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, since the day I played this game I was fallen in love with the franchise, as well as the game. Time to review it (sorry, I could'nt think of any better transition!)

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a Metroidvania game. That means, it toke the formular, established by Super Metroid and combined it with the Castlevania franchise, we all know and love. The game has a big open world to explore, yet has his own restrictions. When there is a path you can't go, you need a upgrade. This leds to much backtracking, but like Metroid, the game rewards you for this. On your way you can get upgrades or in Symphony of the Nights case, weapons. Because of your new upgrades you can get them and increase your stats. And while traveling, you defeat enemies and level up.

Now, this game takes a different apriach to the genre, like I said. Weapons instead of upgrades. But I also felt that the game has longer pathways to the items, instead of having them on your way. If it's for good or bad, I'll let that decide you. And the weapons, OH BOY, the weapons. They are pretty much all different. One has bigger range, the other higher stats, other ones are just BROKEN BEYOND BELIEVE. You thought the Metal Blade was overpowered? Crisaegrim is the Hydrodynamic Hyper Metal Blade 2.0 Platinum Edition with Turbo drive EXTREM.

Draculas Castle is much fun to explore. The design gives us something to explore, as well as platform. There are numerous different locations, a arena, a garfen in the sky, a underground cave, the designers made a fantastic job. Oh and let's not forget, when the castle flips UPSIDE DOWN, yes, UPSIDE DOWN! Question: How can you come up with something so insane? Were drugs involved? Probably drugs were involved!
Don't do drugs.
When the castle is upside down, the entire layout changes, but it's non the less the same castle. The game gets a little harder and there are a few more bosses. If you have'nt played it, you have'nt played Symphony of the Night.

The creators made a great job in the sound snd graphics as well. Except for the voice acting, that was pretty terrible.
"What is a man? A miserabke little pile of secrets!"
However, the soundtrack is pretty amazing. Think about a mix of Trash Metal and Jazz, and who knew that it would mix so well! Symphony of the Night has fantastic graphics, while they are pixelated, they were so made, that it would never age much. Non the less, I think it never had the WOW factor.

So, after looking at this game I had to decide, which score this game deserves. I really badly wanted to gice this game a perfect score, but you know what? I GAVE IT A PERFECT SCORE!
The game does almost everything right, the soundtrack, the graohics, the gameplay, the levels. Even if the game has flaws, I think that it at least deserves a perfect score!

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