Reviewing With Ultron123: Hollow Knight

And let's get on with this. I never knew this actually existed. This is also a very underrated game. (I mean I only knew because I got bored and searched "games with knight in it", and found this game. And then I played it and it was a really great game. If you don't know, it is a 2D platformer, adventure, sort of Metroidvania game made by Team Cherry.

Visuals And Graphics:
It was actually kind of nice looking. It's sort of like Paper Mario, but instead of stickers and colors, it's darker, more detailed and everything looks so fascinatingly designed and made. The hand drawn looking models are fantastic. Had I mentioned that? The enemies are brilliantly designed and the levels are uniquely colored and made, so the levels didn't feel unfair or rushed. There is a flaw though. Sure, there are colors, but they are usually dark and gloomy. This is definitely not aimed at kids. Honestly, it didn't even bother me. However, the graphics are definitely the first thing you'll notice.
Score: 10/10

Plot And Story:
It's complicated. Heck, I don't even know the plot, since all the game did was place me into the world and let me find the pieces to put together. Which was hard and I had much fun doing so. What I did piece together was that there were bugs and a ghost with a sword that explores abandoned kingdom that fell. That's it. I know some people don't really like this sort of thing. But I just ate it up and let the plot ramp up with each discovery.
Score: 4/10

In terms of game play, it's like a Metroidvania style game. There's a slash, dash, and various other abilities needed to pass through areas. The main mechanic involves the ghost's soul. You gain more power by attacking enemies. The soul let's you heal your health and perform spells. It's not that mechanically challenging, but this allows tactical skills and thinking when it comes to enemies and map designs. This allowed me to continue to be fascinated even more into the game. Also, the game straight out telegraphs to you what's a threat and what's not, unlike other games similar to this. Also, the navigation was great. I always knew where to go. However, this game is HARD. I'm not joking. The areas allow for unique gameplay, but difficult gameplay as well. Sure, I do know what to do, but it's pretty hard to actually do.
Score: 9/10

This is actually a game where characters are expanded on. There are several NPCs each with their own stories and experiences. And unlike other game's NPCs, they are actually important. See, if you do a certain thing, they'll actually die and it makes you feel and look like a really big impact in the game, like Undertale. But, I don't really like the ghost protagonist. He isn't really expanded on and why he's here. But the cast of NPCs were great and I didn't mind the lack of depth put into the protagonist.
Score: 8/10

I can't recommend this more to anyone. Anyone, who likes Adventure and Platforming would enjoy it. I recommend that everyone should give it a shot.

Overall Score: 9- Awesome (I cannot stress how much fun this game was. I was one of the best games I played recently.)


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