The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


I LOVE SKYRIM! I am a total addict and I will play it for hours! I love it because there is never nothing to do and I love how sometimes I will go around a corner and get scared by something trying to kill me! Love Skyrim- no question that this is definitely the best game ever!

Great graphics; long exhilarating quests; endless possibilities of things to do; multiple characters to create; hundreds of amounts of armor and weapons that can be manipulated and enchanted; dozens of skill sets and perks to be earned, so your characters are even more specific and unique; and an infinite amount fun to have with this game. You can be an assassin, and Spartan-like warrior, and gladiator-like warrior, a Mage, an archer, a chemical warfare operator, a ninja, and more! This game is mere perfect and I could play it for years. The number one non-multiplayer game of all time

I think this game should be ranked above super smash bros right now. I've tried to play super smash bros, but I just can't do it, but this game on the other hand is the most interesting, fun, well designed and addicting game I have ever played. I don't even get why super smash bros is on here. I think it should be replaced with portal 2. Just think about how much more time the game creators put in to this game compared to super smash bros. Think about it...

Why is this number 12?! It should be number 1! I have this game and I honestly can play for hours straight and this is the only game I will EVER do that with. So I suggest buying every one of the elder scrolls games because each one is even better than the last! I think the reason that this game is so low is because people are only voting for the games they have at home, and skyrim I had troubles finding... VOTE FOR SKYRIM!

I'm sorry but this is by far the worst of the latest three elder scrolls game. In my opinion it goes Morrowind, Oblivion and then Skyrim. Also not good enough for the position it's in. How does half-life 2 rank lower? - Reconkiwi

This game had at lease a years worth of gameplay and content. This game had this thing called a "story" and actually had so much depth and lore. The story and gameplay was actually engaging and entertaining. Just the miscellaneous mission were enough to keep you engaged. This game's dlc were amazing and added even more time to play. This game was AMAZING!

Honestly, everyone voting for Grand Theft Auto just thinks they are cool because Grand Theft Auto is more "mature" than other games. Grand Theft Auto is average. There. I've said it. Skyrim should be third. A game doesn't need a sexual reference every 5 seconds to be good. Please, vote for Skyrim.

This is, in my opinion, the best game ever created. This was the first game I ever really played and even after five thousand hours on it I still play it, that is almost, if not over, halve of a year of game time and that does not even mention the amount of time I have spent viewing the mods. Best game ever no argument

By far the most impressive game ever made. The water, the mist, the whole open world terrain is just amazing. I've played a zillion games and loved oodles of them, but this is the one game where you actually FEEL like you are there. The load times are horrible but that is because the graphics are so amazing. Soundtrack is one of the best ever as well. A real Beast!

The game is SO big you can practically play the game forever. I love how you can choose how you want to play it and choose your path. Also you can do pretty much whatever you want and of course laugh at the guards saying "I was an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee".

This game is amazing. A life changing experience is what your in store for when you play it. Hours upon hours of epic gameplay slaying dragons, killing bandits, and defending cities. If you are a fan of fantasy and of video games this is definitely the game for you.

This Game along with Fallout 3 are both Games that should be #1 & #2 if I should choose,being a die-Hard Fallout fan, I would go with Skyrim for #1 though just has so much. But seriously the list here making Skyrim #4 & Fallout 3 in #21 is Ridiculous you cannot even compare them to Zelda or even Worse Mario Bros or even much worse Wii Games. These are Bethesda Masterpieces that Changed Gaming, go read it up. To compare them to these games is an insult and way inaccurate. The Massive Graphics and Detail alone makes both of them Better than Zelda & Minecraft x 1000. - Danny_Californi8

I've put 800 hours into this game and I stil go back to it all the time. The most open world, organic, living breathing world ever. You can truly lose yourself in this game. By the looks of the top three games it's mostly children that visit this site. The top three games are fun kiddie games for sure, but best ever? Skyrim is unlike anything before it and five years later nothing has come close.

It took me 9 months to complete the entire of this game, such a great and amazing work of Bethesda, however, this game needed take downs for both stealth and combat, but you can only kill the last enemy with take downs, also when you shoot an arrow in someone's neck, he/she should be dead, but actually there's no difference between shooting in neck or foot. - GREYBOYY

I bought this game around 2013 and didn't understand a lick of it. I played a very small range of video games because I only played what was bought for me. It confused me and I quit playing it. Years later (2016), I got back on and started to play it again. By this time I had played a few other RPG games and finally understood how they worked. Skyrim quickly became one of my favorite games of all time. I have now officially played the main 5 Elder Scrolls games and have also played ESO. TES is, by far, my favorite video game series of ALL TIME! - Grimnaut

I really appreciate the freedom this game gives to the players. There are hundreds of quests to be done, but you do the ones you want to WHEN you want to. So many games are linear, and are impossible to play more than once without getting bored. Also the graphics are good, not as smooth as some games. But personally I think to many games work toward amazing graphics, (although skyrim does have very nice graphics) rather then the actual gameplay iself. 5 out of 5 stars.

Best video game ever played overall. If you combine the graphics, the story, the gameplay and the effects you get the perfect game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This is a game I actively could play for a whole year without getting tired of it and I still play it everyones in a while. Always something to do and if not, then it's just nice to travel around in the beautiful world killing bandits, discover caves and so on.

I got it for Christmas in 2014 because the old copy me and my brother had got too scratched up, and I played it ALL day. Even after I turned it off and went to bed I heard the song in my head and I seriously had to go downstairs to check if it was on, but no it was just me -_-. ANYWAY! I think this is a good a long game for fantasy fans. Its also highly addictive.

Skyrim is a game you will see once in a lifetime. With its wide range of detail, its wide range of lands. This game is not only amazing, its simply a masterpiece and will not be forgotten for many generations to come.

I can't stop playing this game, this should be number one on this list, it is very addictive, the gameplay is great, there may be a lot of glitches but it is still very fun, I probably spent 10% of my life playing this game.

The immense world, 244 quests, hours of gameplay, locations to see, and plenty of things to do in your spare time! There are no limits to this game in the world of Skyrim! (Well...except for guard dialogue) Definielty Bethesda's best Elder Scrolls game and will be hoping they can make more games like this in the future. And if you're not satisfied yet you can always play with mods on PC which have more content to offer. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is especially adventurous while playing a game.

I don't get why everyone says ocarina of time is the best, this is the same genre and surpasses it in every way. I am level 50 and still haven't finished this game, so you'll be playing this for months

This game will never go below five. It is fun, long, and all the quests have awesome stories. This game takes up a lot of space anywhere, but it is the only video game that I enjoy thoroughly!

Simply the best. This game is the pinnacle gaming. Superb in every single aspect. Compliment to the devs, this game is unmatched and probably will remain unmatched for a long time...

This should be number one. But no... Skyrim has Dragons, Vampires, A HUGE map, Giants, Tons of weapons, Awesome cats, A great atmosphere, and etc. GET THIS GAME! IT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT YOU! - SpringionKING

This game was my childhood I rinsed this game I know everything about it and had everything too it there isn't much I hate about it or don't know about it