The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


If You Think This Game is Bad Because It's Too Hard or Confusing, Then Go Back To Your iPhone Games! Because That's Exactly What "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" is All About.

This Game is Practically The DEFINITION Of The Word "Videogame" It Has EVERYTHING a Good Game Needs and More, An Interesting Plot/Storyline, Balanced Gameplay Mechanics, Well-Designed Graphics, Timeless Music, Memorable Characters, Complex Development, Beautiful Scenery, and a Fair Arsenal of Defensives, It Has Something To Offer Everyone, It Has It's Suspenseful Scenes, Romantic Scenes, Depressing Scenes, Comedic Scenes, and All The Other Emotional Scenes You Can Think of.

The Game Also Forces You To Actually Think, It's Not Just a Mindless Button Mash That's All "Kill and Destroy" But There are Plenty of Difficult Puzzles and Quests To Complete, and Once Your Used To It The Game is Even Funner, And You'll Always Feel Pride When You Defeat That Final ...more

Several people ask why? Why is Ocarina Of Time the best video game ever? Is it because it has clever puzzles? Is it because it has an amazing soundtrack? Is it because it has neat and threatening enemies? Is it because!... Most importantly it is because of the atmosphere. And I would like to point out that all though I understand what Egoraptor's sequelitis was pointing out, I realize that very few 2D games can display an intense atmosphere. This game makes you feel like you are the main character, it makes you feel like you are Link. It makes you feel you are exploring this grand world meeting new people and becoming stronger and stronger until you can finally defeat your demons. I say demons instead of Ganondorf because this game is a different experience to everyone. It encases you in a world where you are constantly growing and changing you from a weak child to a hero. And lets you realize that with true intentions you can accomplish anything. It forces you to believe in yourself ...more

Of every game that I have ever played none has been as powerful as The Ocarina of Time. The ultimate brain teaser combines with the epic atmosphere in every Zelda game to create this masterpiece. Bosses such as Volvagia, Bongo Bongo, Ganon and even the measly Gohma are just pieces of a game that changed the way that even mature adults thought of gaming. Not to mention the awesomeness of the temples that you go through as an adult. The fire temple, water temple (holy hell the water temple), and every other each has it's own style and atmosphere. For every kid who has not had the chance to play this game I would advise you get off your butt go buy this game and sit back down for hours, it is an amazing experience. Not only was this game ridiculously good in 1998, but having been remastered in glorious 3D only has added to the impact that this game has on everybody who plays it. The first time I played this game I literally had chills from the final battle with Ganon. There is nothing ...more

TOMB RAIDER! Are you guys serious! The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time defines what we as gamers see as the one perfect game. It still to this day stands as a tribute to ALL other games. It won more awards than Lord of the Rings at the Oscars and still is played today by those who know what real games should be.
Oh God guys, I mean Tomb Raider, Are you serious! I will admit it was a very good game and revolutionized some aspects of gaming, but to compare: If Tomb Raider cut the bushes really well on the gaming landscape, then the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time tore down the whole freaking yard and rebuilt it, but had to split the work with Mario 64.
- masongilbert74

In my opinion Ocarina of Time is probably one of the most overrated games of all time. Now I wasn't there to experience this when it came out, and I think people are kinda blinded by what they thought of it back then. If you look at the game now and don't think of it as a big game that changed 3D gaming it's just mediocre. It has quite a bit of similarities to A Link to the Past which is a lot better. And I did not like how once you became an adult it was just dungeon after dungeon after dungeon. I like having a little bit of story in between dungeons Twilight Princess I think had a great amount of time in between dungeons and I never thought I wasn't spending enough time in the world. And I know a lot of people hate this but I didn't hate the Triforce quest in The WindWaker I never thought of it as tedious. But that's just my opinion on the game I enjoyed the game quite a bit when I played it and will probably come back to it multiple times in the future. I think it's a good game but ...more

Thankfully, this game is listed at the top. Definitely a game to remember because it is simply FUN. The story is great, gameplay is very unique during its era, and will probably mark the hearts of every gamer who has experienced playing it during the 90s. Even though the duration of the game is very long, you will never be bored of it because there are many places you can go to, not to mention in 2 different worlds. If I were to compare it to the modern games, sure modern games have realistic graphics, but nothing beats the word "FUN" when it comes to classic games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While Making this review, I get the urge to download and play it on an emulator... See ya guys

Tomb Raider is a good game, but really, look at all the Top Ten Video Games of all time lists, most all of them have Ocarina of time as 1st. It's score gets 1st on Gamerankings, Metacritic, and it has a 10 on IGN, Gamespot and many others.

I can't say enough good things about this game. Not only was it an outstanding game with outstanding dungeons and outstanding boss fights, but it was so influential on the Legend of Zelda series. It was the first 3d game in the series, and it paved the way for future games. I grew up with a Nintendo 64 and this is by far my favorite childhood game. It's so good that Nintendo remade this classic for the 3ds. It's even winning by 3%! That may not seem like much, but with 998 games currently on this list, that is huge. I'm glad to see that such a timeless classic is receiving the praise it deserves.

Ocarina of Time is the best game period! Zelda's transition into 3D combined the two greatest things in the videogames at the time to make a piece of software that was simply flawless. This game not only provides majestic temples to work your way through, but also brought the targeting system which was a staple in the Zelda franchise. The story is so interesting with the inclusion of Sheik and the Seven Sages. This game can't be beat, and the only thing that will ever rival it is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Zelda Ocarina of Time made me a Zelda geek. Sometimes when playing today's games, I get saddened knowing that Zelda is always in the back of my mind. Ocarina of time made me want to forget reality and just stay in the game. It is a fantasy experience I will never forget and hands down I am so happy to have experienced the Zelda franchise as a whole. Now remake Ocarina of Time please in the beauty of today's tech.

Let's be honest- no game can possibly match up to the awesomeness and originality of this game- though it's the fifth in its series (if I remember correctly), it is just completely different and revolutionary. This game can compete with any modern game, and it will for years. It isn't my favourite Zelda game, nor my favourite video game, but I know that this masterpiece- or should I say, Master CONTAINER, is the best game ever. I guess we can say it's the greatest game of all TIME.

Very good game, gameplay, graphic, scenery, character, development, storyline. Unlike Mario where everything is 99% bad, here the comparison overall

Legend of Zelda ocarina of time







So this game get 10/10 rating

Mario is all 1/10 except for character, it was 3/10 yet still very bad. This game, legend of Zelda is definitely a must and if you never played this game, then you are noobs. Nobody wants to play dumb game such as Call of Duty but this is opposite of dumb and only the skilled survive, unskilled die pretty fast throughout the game. I likes everything, this game has little to no match. Of course, Zelda series is the best ever and thus you should try this game if you haven't.

Greatest game made by mankind! It also happened to grace us on one of the most innovative systems of my life. Being born in 84 put me in my gaming prime when this came out, loved it the first day I played it (one day before its release) and still feel it stands the test of time matched to today's games. It had it all from graphics story characters music items bosses dungeons side quest and last but not least Hyrule!

I first played this game when I was 8 years old, back in 1998. And I can safely say that I till enjoy this game nearly two decades later. This set the bar for every video game that has come after it. There is a reason why this game is still ranked as the best video game of all time by most gamers. It has a great story, great gameplay, and a great environment. And despite being nearly 20 years old, its age hasn't really shown. Its re-release on the 3DS kind of helped that, but still. This game ha withstood the test of time, and I think it will continue to do so for years to come. - tonyb500

Definitely, the best game I have ever played in my life. Its puzzles are cunning, makes you think a lot, tie up things, analyze and integrate information. The music is amazing, and the game main story is very captivating. Also the many side quests are very entertaining. YOU NEVER GET BORED OF IT!

I never thought a game could ever get as good as this. Within 2 minutes of playing this game I was addicted. I literally could not put down the controller. This game was so legendary. I played it over and over and found it entertaining every single time. If you have not sued this game you have not lived. You cannot call yourself a man if you have not played this game given to us from the gods.

This game had practically everything. The dungeons left you with lasting memories, and had puzzles that made you think and ponder your decisions, the music stuck in your head, and most of all, just the atmosphere was terrific. This is by far one of the best games of all-time, but I'm not sure I would put it over the likes of Grand Theft Auto V or Super Mario Galaxy.

The Zelda series is a series that will never die. Its been one of the most successful series ever created and each addition holds its own ground with critical acclaim. Its not just a fantasy... its an epic.

And why is Mario not ANYWHERE on this list? He is easily the most iconic video game character ever created.

This game is probably the funnest game that you will ever pick up on you. This game has great graphics for a n64 game, and has a super amazing storyline. The guy that has 22 likes and says that mario gets repetitive is totally true. Super Mario Bros 3 was the only game that introduced really new gameplay/features (super mario world kinda did but copied off of 3 for some things like the cape copied off of the racoon suit) Mario doesn't suck, but it does get repetitive, really repetitive

Screw all the hate comments! They don't get how revolutionary this game was and is to this day! I'm 15 and this game first came out before I was even born. Nevertheless, I know how influential this game was to the video game industry and I recognize it as the greatest game of all time because without it, video games wouldn't be the same.

This is my childhood... Great story, great characters, great music, each temple has a great boss... Bosses that you really want to beat them... Even though is a really long game this is the best game I ever played... I still play this game and still having so much fun... No game can beat this one...

An absolutely amazing game! It changed the way people looked at video games at the time... completely innovative, creative, best and most complex storyline I've ever seen in a game. A fun game full of passion and fantasy. Not to mention revolutionary gameplay, what with the Z-Button targeting and camera control!

Nearly no match, very amazing. Nothing is imperfect yet this is the best game created, Storyline is much more cool than Mario so Legend of Zelda series rules all game. Consider yourself idiot if you never plan to play this game.

Been playing this awesome game since it came out. I can even play the whole thing in my head (which I did once when I had to be perfectly still for a medical test. ) And I love the music so much that I set the forest temple dong for my main ringtone. I feel very happy every time I hear about OoT or hear the music. You are right - the creators put in a LOT of thought and you must think in order to play it. Greatest game of all time? You got that right... And I'm 66 yo. Hehehe!

Ocarina of time is an amazing game! The top 6 games of all time are the 5 3d Zeldas and A Link To The Past in whatever order. Ocarina of Time is my favorite (flawless transition to 3d), followed by Skyward Sword (good prequel explaining events of OoT and fabulous characters), then Twilight Princess (good ties to OoT and Midna is a great character), then Wind Waker (great atmosphere that gives player feeling of adventure), then Majora's Mask (great characters and does a fantastic job of creating that dark and eerie atmosphere), and then A Link To The Past (best 2D Zelda that is just good all around). All 6 games get 10/10s hands down!