Metal Gear


I know it may not be the best, but it should deserve a higher place. Metal Gear revolutionize the gaming industry by introducing stealth gameplay and emotional, high quality voice acting. Also, the story is cool and cinematic. Hideto Kojima, you're the man!

Metal gear solid is without a doubt the best video game franchise ever because it's the only game that feels like a movie you know like youll keep playing it even if you beat it like 20 times and why is it that the only 2 good games on this list are this and Zelda ocarina of time and halo 3 sucks compared to combat evolve

My favorite series of all time. I am a humungous MGS fan. Kinda confusing it's listed as "Metal Gear" I assume they are talking about the first Metal Gear Solid. Anyway this game is Kojima's masterpiece. I feel had they only made just this game and no sequel, this game would be studied for how intelligent it's story and themes are. MGS is a stunning piece of video game art, and is one of the greatest games ever made.

Mgs is one of the best games I have ever played, if you don't like metal gear is because you have never played it, his creator hideo kojima is the creator of this great saga, in my opinion the best game is metal gear solid: snake eater, and I think is also the preffered by many of the saga fans, I would like to see in the future the next part after the metal gear 4

When they told you her codec frequency was on the back of the cd case, you didn't listen. This game taught you to listen, not just hear.

I just started playing it and its awesome if you see the legacy collection just buy it, it's the best game ever made

This should be number 1 for changing the gaming world and can never be beaten by any game not even by Call of Duty

Metal gear should have a movie or kojima should make a remake for metal gear 1 and 2. I just want to see SOLID SNAKE back in action! -_-

The Hell is this doing on fifth place. THIS is the greatest video game series EVER.

everything about this games is good, story, gameplay, art style, characters, EVERYTHING!

Lol is this a joke? MG is behind Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and...Tomb Raider?? - Battlegun

Best game and best story, Metal gear solid from Konami. Metal Gear Solid was very well received, shipping more than six million copies, and scoring an average of 94 out of 100 on the aggregate website Metacritic

Such a story. it every single part is memorable

Storytelling my Hideo Kojima second to none, mix that in with stealth action = gaming masterpiece

Yes it is the best game I ever played
I have played each part of it and I love it

How the hell is thid not in the top 3 il never know seriously the games above it are average at best!

Two thing's konami and Metal Gear Solid is one if not the best game in the whole commune of gameing socity, with the great graphics, story-line and awesome gameplay.
Just not Ryden.