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341 Manhunt

Magnificent Amazing Epic unique and Addictive from start to the End!

Literally violence incarnate! - htoutlaws2012

Banned :(

342 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD IS THIS 311? They say it it the best game for the PlayStation 2 right? One of the best game invented, should be made into a movie!

Best video game with a beautiful story and a beautiful map. - Hama

It's already at #6 - ikerevievs

How the hell is this 754! One of the best games on ps2!

343 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

If you have no PS3, Xbox, or your PC can't get Grand Theft Auto SA, Vice city or others. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown wars is an excellent alternative. From DS to PSP later to the iphone and now In HD in the ipad

I love this game. Muuch more freedom than any other Grand Theft Auto.

344 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time

It was so cool as a video game in the 1990's my favorite turtle to play as was Leonardo I also liked how they included Tokka Rahzar and Super Shredder from TMNT 2 The Secret Of The Ooze and Activision could you please make this masterpiece for the WiiU so I could play it with my friends and my sister.

This game is so much fun. There is no way to describe the joy of this - Johnnyt800

345 Call of Duty 3
346 Super Mario Bros. 2

Best Mario game ever! Why is it at 347?!?!?! WHY!?!?!?!

347 Heroes of Might and Magic II
348 Scribblenauts

The video game where you can just think it is awesome

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349 Euro Truck Simulator 2

Drive around Europe with any kind of truck you want!

Vroom! Vroom! I love this game too! It's FUN!

350 Pokemon Platinum

Loved the new features compared to the Diamond and Pearl games, loved the Distortion World, even if it did make my eyes go funny every so now and then, plus I love Giratina. - Sephirotha

351 Kirby Super Star
352 Wario Land 4
353 Bejeweled Twist
354 Rock Band 3
355 Halo 3: ODST

Highly underrated. It changed the formula, and actually made Halo challenging and gritty for once. One of my favorite 360 games. I disagree with AngryJoe's review of it. This IS a complete game. It took me a LONG time to complete, and I enjoyed it.

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356 Street Fighter
357 UFC Undisputed 3
358 Super Princess Peach

You're kidding, right?!

Also, Princess Peach is very similar to the terrible Chris Thorndyke. Princess Peach is such a coward, begging not to have her own game again after Super Princess Peach/before Mario Party 7.

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359 Ninja Warz
360 Warcraft II
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