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341 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Ok, Why isn't This #1st Yet?
This Game Made Millions Every Kid, Teen And Even Adult Plays This Humorus Game, I Mean Come On 133? In The Top Ten Minimum!

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342 Wario Land 4 Wario Land 4
343 Return to Zork
344 Rock Band 3 Rock Band 3
345 Halo 3: ODST Halo 3: ODST

Highly underrated. It changed the formula, and actually made Halo challenging and gritty for once. One of my favorite 360 games. I disagree with AngryJoe's review of it. This IS a complete game. It took me a LONG time to complete, and I enjoyed it.

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346 Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Mario Bros. 2

Best Mario game ever! Why is it at 347?!?!?! WHY!?!?!?!

347 UFC Undisputed 3 UFC Undisputed 3
348 Super Princess Peach Super Princess Peach

You're kidding, right?!

Also, Princess Peach is very similar to the terrible Chris Thorndyke. Princess Peach is such a coward, begging not to have her own game again after Super Princess Peach/before Mario Party 7.

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349 Ninja Warz
350 Warcraft II Warcraft II
351 NBA Street NBA Street

Kinda a overlooked sport game most people have played it's sequels personally I like this one more and it never gets old. - htoutlaws2012

352 Mario Strikers Charged Mario Strikers Charged

I'm voting for every other Mario game cause this one sucks.

353 Just Dance 2014 Just Dance 2014 V 1 Comment
354 Nicktoons MLB 3D Nicktoons MLB 3D
355 Disney Infinity 3.0 Disney Infinity 3.0

What? We gonna get 4.0 Muppets this year or something? God, they need to stop making these.

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356 FIFA 17 FIFA 17 V 2 Comments
357 Megapolis
358 Kirby Air Ride Kirby Air Ride

Kirby Air Ride was not only the most innovative game for the Gamecube, but potentially the most polished and realistic flight sim ever released. Unfortunately critics and Call of Duty fanboys bashed it for not having regenerative health or being able to aim down the sights, but thankfully, the complex flight model more then made up for this.

Why is there n "Kirby Sports" franchise yet?

359 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

This is by far the best game ever made. You can play it for hours. It's so open ended and you don't have to worry about what you make being perfect! RCT3 killed the series. - EricShayna

The one and only roller coaster game out there. It may be somewhat old but it is very fun. Lets build a park!

360 Bully: Scholarship Edition Bully: Scholarship Edition

Should be at in the top 100, its amazing game worthy of being amongst the Grand Theft Auto series

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