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481 The Legendary Starfy
482 Slender: The Eight Pages
483 Wolf Quest
484 MLB 2K7 V 1 Comment
485 The Impossible Quiz

Frustrating in a good way and fun! A epic memory test too! - floridiancat

486 Rocket League

Vehicles playing soccer essentially. - htoutlaws2012

Yea, um, this list is broken


487 Angry Birds 2
488 Ultimate Chicken Horse
489 Destroy All Humans 2

As for sequels go, this was an awesome sequel, introducing holopox and awesome new weapons. Also more cool sequels. - q1q1q1q1q1

490 Fire Emblem
491 Max Payne

I still think that Max Payne made a connection to the players that no other game has managed to clone to date (maybe because no one has really tried cloning the storytelling of Max Payne, not even Max Payne 2). For one when it came it was the first game to ever feature 100 photo-realistic textures, and it introduced "bullet time" to the world. But what always captured me and made me consider Max Payne to be one of the greatest games ever made was never the bullet time or the (for it's time) fancy graphics. No it was all about how I felt the characters were believable and I found the noir graphic novel style to work, very well. I really saw Max to be a tortured soul doing everything not to go insane. The question if he managed to stay sane or not is debatable especially after the somewhat forgiving beginning of the second game, but then again I am not nominating Max Payne 2. -

I really loved this game... It was the first game which touched my heart... The very first scene were the family of Max Payne was killed sends chill down your spine... It really presented the characters as if they were real people... Its really sad that its 51... Would have expected it in top 20 at least... The sound effects, the story-telling, the style, everything connected so well with the players... A-W-E-S-O-M-E...

V 1 Comment
492 WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

The best wrestling game of all time! - htoutlaws2012

493 Super Street Fighter IV

Flowchart Ken never tasted so great.

So entertaining is all I have to say

494 Infamous

Infamous is great the powers is awesome and I really like Kessler's suit I wish I could have one

495 BlazBlue Continuum Shift II
496 Sonic Sega All Stars Racing

It's not the worst game in the world, but it's defiantly better than some other games on this list (Looking at you, temple run.)

While this takes a lot from the Mario Kart games this somehow manages to be slightly better - Johnnyt800

This game is so great!

497 Punch-Out!! Wii

They need to make more of the awesome games.

Better than the SNES one at least. - htoutlaws2012

Should be higher.

This series needs another game on the WiiU Nintendo could you please make one on the WiiU so I could play it with my Friends and my sister please from Jack Collins

498 Pixel Gun 3D

This game is so good it's like minecraft but with guns

So addictive

This game is bad. The weapons are bland. The controls are very bad. The graphics look like vomit. Very unfair. Bad updates. SOOO many glitches. The list goes on. - spodermanfan1000

500? Should be in the top 100. This game is awesome. But...
The problem with this game, they added so that a person can be a developer, ONLY TO HACK which makes it not fair. There are too much hackers in pixel gun right now

499 Minecraft: Story Mode

Oh come on guys. Give this game a chance. Sure it's not original, but at least Telltale was TRYING harder

My favourite video game of all time. favourite episode: episode 8 a portal of mystery

nope - GriffinDoge

500 Just Cause 3

This game shouldn't be on this list at all. It is definitely the most infuriating, most frustrating game I've ever played. It is just way too hard.

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