A fantastic gaming experience that combines innovative game play with an amazing story. Originally release for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000 in the United States. Shenmue tells the story of Ryo Hazuki an 18 year old man who's father is murdered by a martial artist named Lan Di. The rest of the game is spent searching for clues and following leads in the hope that you will be able to avenge your fathers death. The game features a fighting engine that's based off of Virtua Fighter, which was also created by Yu Suzuki. One of the most intense battles I've had to fight in any game ever was the 100 man battle that culminates towards the end of Shenmue. Musically the game is stunning, hands down one of the best soundtracks I've heard in any game ever. Visually the game is gorgeous too, featuring some of the best graphics the Dreamcast had to offer. Shenmue also paved the way for a certain sandbox game called Grand Theft Auto III, and even coined the term quick time event. Another interesting ...more

I remember how absolutely perfect the mastering system was in that game. I mean, I went to work EVERY DAY, spent most of that day forklifting crates (like a boss) for a paycheck and then I'd go train. While the voice acting was at times lackluster, the details that were put into this game were just too perfect. And that last fight, though. There's too much good to say about this game for me to even cohere in a single paragraph. If you haven't played it, you owe it to yourself, whether you like fighting games, rpgs, mysteries, point and click adventures, story-driven narratives, doesn't matter. You'll love it. I promise.

Shenmue is more than a video game, it is a cultural experience. I credit this game for helping me develop a more open view of the world. After playing this game I became interested in cultures around the world. I started importing foreign films and reading cultural studies. It led to me going back to school to pursue a degree in anthropology.

Although without conclusion, this game was the first with open world gameplay & can hold up to anygame out today. The story is very immersive, the soundtrack is dreamy & the gameplay is an highly addictive rollercoater ride. All in all true classic greatness & definitely belongs on this list.

Best Dreamcast game and one of the best ever ever created.

The best reason to still own a Dreamcast.

To this day no other game can compete with this work of art.

A open world simulator of real life Japan in the 80's! Where you can experience Japanese 80;s Culture. !

Each NPC has unique name and schedule that means that in the morning the npc walk out of their houses to go to work or go do their dailies activities! You can follow them around while they go around their daily lives then at night they go back to their houses. Real life weather in the game that means if it was raining in Japan at December 1, 1987 it would also rain in the game!

The start of a games revolution, 15 years ahead of it's time. A story and quality of detail that has never been surpassed. Amazing and original ost. A truly life altering experience that sucks you in. Funny, inspiring, shockingly beautiful.

A groundbreaking game in its day and the most criminally underrated game of all time thanks to the exclusivity and failure of the Sega dreamcast. Fun to play but like all great games, the experience and story stays with you long after the credits role. Shame it was never finished.

Simply the greatest video games series of all time. The story, the characters, the gameplay and even influence that it would have on future games is unmatched. How this game is ranked at 42... I will never understand. Metal gear solid? Super smash Bros? Better than Shenmue are you kidding me?

Revolutionary for its time... Well it still is, as open world games became kind of generic in design while this gem managed to keep both the awesome storyline and virtual tourism/open exploration in perfect harmony. It was something that was never done before it and has been never done since.

Shenmue was, and is so much more than just a game. To this day its such a unique experience. Such diversity, from the people, the music, all the little things to do to entertain yourself within the world. The graphics at the time and attention to detail were amazing to me. This game was so far ahead of its time. I still to this day eagerly await the day when I can get the finish we have all been waiting for. #SaveShenmue!

Astounding game! I never knew what I was getting myself into when I popped this into the Dreamcast for the first time all those years ago. A fantastic story, WAY ahead of its time, and ever after its equally awesome sequel, it remains unfinished! SEGA needs to make Shenmue III!

While not perfect by any means, it is one of my favorite games of all time. Not only how it is different like any video games that any people might expect, but it has a lot of variety that contains good stuff like wisdom, relationships, and environments.

I had this upon release and was blown away by the attention to every detail, the interaction, the story, everything. A true game changer and to me apart from the sequel there has never been a game that has matched it for the sheer feel of being 'a part' of the story.

This game has a massive following of the nicest fans you'll meet and needs a sequel or an HD re release.

Legendary game which made ordinary tasks like attending a fork lift day job and getting the bus or running home before curfew exciting.

The fact the series is unfinished is one of the biggest woes in Gaming.

The story draws the player in, and it needs an ending. The graphics were great for its time, the soundtrack is one of the best out there, the actual gameplay is innovative, there is nothing negative to be said about the game.

I could write a 10 page essay on how good this game is and the areas it touch on where no other game did in its time. But I have the flu... Long story short this deserves to be up there in the top 3 if not number 1.

The most unique gaming experience I have ever had. Come and transport to 80's Japan. Live the culture and feel the hometown feeling this game gives. Its more than a game is a life experience.

This gave is groundbreaking. Once you get the hang of it, you'll fall in love with it. I still haven't found a game that immersed me in the way Shenmue had. It deserves to be in the top spot!

This game is the reason I bought the Dreamcast. My favourite game of all time. 10/10

A game way ahead of its time, things that people take for granted in games now just didn't exist before Shenmue. Plus the story line and beautiful graphics still hold up today.

One of the best games ever made.. With full voice overs etc... I cannot believe no game studio has taken the chance on Shenmue 3.. They would make a lot of money and already have a huge fan base awaiting it.. Stop spending money on crappy Call of Duty games n make a original classic in HD then finish the masterpiece off! Enough said!

Probably no other game has made such a massive and lasting impression on me. What I like about most about Shenmue is its realistic environment that make you really indentify with what you do, because there is so much love to detail in it. And at the same time you get an awesome, exciting and epic story! (Shenmue was epic, before almost everything was "epic" :)! ) This mixture is what makes it so great.
And let's not forget: Shenmue is still waiting for a continuation!

"Wandering through the streets at nightfall in Shenmue is the closest thing to real life. Simply amazing."

The best video game experience of all time. Nothing comes close! So different from anything else before it, and set the precedent for open world games.

This game changed my life. There has never been a game that has had this effect on me before or since.