Super Smash Bros. Brawl


I bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl with my own money, unable to wait for Christmas. I think it was the best video game I have ever bought, and that is saying something. Other games have different goals: Point and shoot, do puzzles, survive the zombie apocalypse, etc. But in this, you get to test out different players, and every game is different. Single player was pretty good, and it wasn't really short, but multiplayer was my favorite part. I like how Nintendo made so many ways to do multiplayer so you could do it with more people. I think it's great. I love games like this where you can go play a game with your friends instead of playing solo. It's always more fun to play video games with others, rather than just yourself.

I think Melee and Brawl are both really terrible games, in Melee more than half the cast are useless against characters like Fox - and watching tournaments of the game is even worse since everybody only goes as Fox. As for Brawl the balancing is a little better except when It comes to those two little ice plebs and meta knight, who should be banned from tournaments judging for how horrendously overpowered they are - but they aren't banned everywhere which really annoys me. - DapperPickle

As a young gamer, you often find an early Jewel that becomes your favourite for the rest of your life. That is, until this game came out. All your favourite Nintendo characters in a fun, easy to play fighter? This game gets my vote. It improves every thing Melee needed and was simple enough for new gamers to play. My friends and I spent countless hours playing through all the modes and unlocking everything. Then we went to another friend's house and did it all again. Maybe not the biggest or deepest games ever, but it's so fun!

As a die hard Smash Bros fan, this game does not hold up competitively. Mechanics like tripping and the slow gameplay style make it much more boring that Melee or even Smash 4. However, this game has by far the most content. Subspace Emissary is the best decision Sakurai ever made, and it makes the game feel more complete. With that said, I don't think it or any Smash game deserves a spot this high up when there are other, better games out there.

I love this games story mode. The soundtrack is some of the best I have ever heard with ones such as Mute City, Final Destination, and Bramble Blast. Mentioning soundtrack, This game also has one of my most favourite main themes of all time. The roster has much better characters than melee since there are much less new characters that are clones. Only downside is the slow gameplay, however if you are new to smash bros, this is probably a good thing. The cutscenes are amazing especially "The Great Invasion".

This game is fantastic the graphics are amazing the amount of characters and stages are impressive the extras are awesome and the story mode is a lot of fun with about 10 hour gameplay on story mode but don't forget the multiplayer that is the best part, this is one of the most addicting games ever, the only thing bad about this game is the online it was so laggy but who cares this game deserves to be number 1

I remember when my friend lent me this game for a week, that's all I did. I got next to no sleep that week, and I had the time of my life. The game has so much to bring to the table, that I couldn't stop trying to figure out every move and the best ways to win with every single character. This game is amazing. - SpyroZap99

I remember when I was around 9, I went to my friends house and we (with our other friends) were battling so much on it. I remember also rushing down the stairs trying to get the wii controller. I didn't have it then and I wanted it so bad. So, I planned to buy it on eBay, and then I got it and I couldn't stop playing it. I've defeated Tabuu and not played it since, but still, I think I'll get it out and give it another go - astroshark

This game is so action-packed and wild. I got this for my 13th birthday and I played it 10 hours a day. Every time I kill an enemy I feel like I conquered Earth. The Subspace Emissary is okay. I finished it by Sunday night of my b-day weekend. 10/10, too good. The music is rocking', we got characters from Fire Emblem (great series, by the way) and the graphics are realistic. Smash 4 is TRASH. LONG LIVE BRAWL!

This thread must have been created in '08 since most people hate this game now? I happened to enjoy it, but lack of a character balancing patch and a functional online suite really hurt this game's legacy. - marmalade_skies

Okay, so this may be kinda a stretch, as this and the original are the only Super Smash Bros games I have played, but I still love this one the most! Besides, most detailed sprites I have seen on a Wii game! - Extractinator04

The Smash series as a whole has massive quality and unlimited replay value and multiplayer fun. - WonkeyDude98

How is ocarina of time # 1 it's not even good. Smash bros has Zelda and other franchises. And if your like me, you can use your imagination to do cool storylines you make up like Kirby going at war with snake or when bowser captures Mario. It is better than any game. Go buy it now.

Words cannot describe my love for this game, I've spent months and months playing this And it still holds up, I still remember my first battle with my brother, he was Meta Knight, and I was Mario - ChiefMudkip

This game is simply amazing you get to take your favorite nintendo character (if its not simply ask for it) and destroy all other characters is there any other reason needed to love it?

I got this game and thought to myself... Was it worth it? Then I played through it with my friend and it totally changed everything I thought. It has great characters and it's not even NEAR to violent for kids. I definitely recommend this.

This one is around here, no idea it is a top ten game. It is fairly cool supposing it is more than Zelda should there be no such fondness from a gamer. - iliescu

This is my favorite game of ALL TIME. I've played this game nonstop for the 7 years or so that has been there. The story mode is awesome, all characters, stages, and especially the music are so epic

The most fun game I ever played for a long time. I still play it with my friends every once and a while. Never gets old!

It's a classic multiplayer game that requires skill and practice. It's interesting and exciting and combines characters from many games to fight each other. - Thanatos

All the nintendo characters beating the crap out of each other. The adventure mode is nothing but brilliant and overall this game is king of all others.
- Clive888

It's an AWESOME game with a lot of characters and an extremely hard story mode. It's really addicting even after you beat it because there's a lot more to do anyways. Multiplayer is fun and a really big challenge. GET THIS GAME!

Why wont this guy update this subject so this can be replaced by super smash bros for 3ds/wii or Grand Theft Auto 5 or legend of zelda hyrule heros

HUH!?! I Think Speed-Man The Fast The Legend Of Peace Should Be On The Top Because Its Amazing You Can Smash People And Battle What A Amazing Game!

Oh my GOD. THIS is the best game of all time. It never gets boring, addicting to the point where you can play it for years I mean I had this game since 2008... In fact I will buy a Wii you just for the next one