Top Ten Videogames That Should Not Have Been Cancelled

These gaming projects were cancelled, although they sounded like great games, we wondey why?

The Top Ten

1 Star War 1313 Star War 1313

Star Wars 1313 was going to be a grittier Star Wars game, which was going to be rated M apparently, and early footage looked incredible and it revolved around Boba Fett in, what it looked like, his coming of age. It could have been a great game, then Disney bought the rights and the project was canned. What Star Wars game did we get? An unfinished game which cost $110. I didn't buy the new Battlefront. - idontknow

2 Batman Gotham By Gaslight Batman Gotham By Gaslight

It was Batman, in the victorian times- where the villain was Jack The Ripper- what else do I need to say- yes please, shower me with this awesome game. - idontknow


The aspect that was special about this game was that Steven Spielberg, the man himself was involved. A Spielberg video-game, please, that sound like Heaven. The gameplay footage looked great. If this game was released and it was incredible, it could have possibly been the next step of the Video Game industry, like I said, it had the man himself, Steven Spielberg. - idontknow

4 Crash Bandicoot Evolution Crash Bandicoot Evolution

Crash Bandicoot has had a ton and I mean a ton of cancelled games, from Mark Cerny's to the Crash Team Racing remake to Landed to A new PS4 game to Twinsanity 2. Basically what I'm trying to say is that Crash Bandicoot has had a lot of cans. However, in my opinion, Evolution seemed the most interseting one out of the bunch. From the concept art and the idea itself, it seemed like a unique Crash game, which is what we needed, especially after 2 not good Crash Game (WOC and NK). It seemed like a Ratchet and Clank Crash game, which was awesome, that's why it was cancelled and turned to Twinsanity. Twinsanity is a good game but Evolution seemed way more interesting. - idontknow

5 Conker's Other Bad Day Conker's Other Bad Day

Conkers Bad Fur Day is one awesome game, from the story to the South Park like humour to the unique characters to the fantastic gameplay to the giant singing poo and parodying other movies and all the violence in a Nintendo game. It was awesome and Bad Fury Day is one of my favourite video-games ever. So, when I hear there's a sequel, I get excited, especially when its gonna parody Terminator. However, Microsoft bought Rareware and the game never saw the light of day. However, I'm glad that this wasn't made on the Microsoft Rareware, Nuts and Bolts anyone? - idontknow

6 Sadness Sadness

Sadness was planned for the Nintendo Wii, from what I have seen, it looked like a much darker, a much sinister and a more emotional Nintendo game. It was going to be a physiological horror game. Imagine how the game could have been like. - idontknow

7 Silent Hill Silent Hill

Silent hill 2 is an incredible game suggest you play that

I actually have not played Silent Hill (I know I'm missing on a lot). However, I played P.T (Playable Teaser) of the game and it looked smashing excellent. The atmosphere was dense and it was creepy. The story loooked suspenseful. I was gonna get this game. Next thing I hear, it's cancelled. Why? I guess I'll play the other Silent Hill games. - idontknow

8 Metroid 64 Metroid 64

The Nintendo 64 is usually considered the best Nintendo console, I can see why (The Legend Of Zelda OOT/MM, Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, Conkers Bad Fur Day and more). Imagine if metroid was added to that mix of the great Nintendo 64 games. However, Samus was in Super Smash Bros and we got an excellent Metroid Game on the gamecube- Metroid Prime, so it's all good. - idontknow

9 B.C B.C

B.C could have been Microsofts great exclusive game other than Halo. It looked like an ambitious game, it also had dinosaur's [Insert Jeff Goldblum impression]. It could have been a great game, who knows? - idontknow

10 Super Mario 128

This looked really cool, controlling 128 Marios. Too bad it was canceled.

The Contenders

11 Jak IV Jak IV

I'm a huge Jak and Daxter fan, so when they announced they cancelled Jak IV, I was devastaed, mainly because The Lost Frontier was a terrible game. Jak IV was gonna be developed by Naughty Dog again and it was gonna be on the PS3. However it was changed to The Last Of Us (an incredible game) after they felt like what they made wasn't Jak And Daxter- look at the concept arts. That is actually a brave move and I respect them for that, although, please just make Jak IV. - idontknow

12 TimeSplitters 4
13 Star Fox 2
14 Maverick Hunter
15 Scalebound

Yeah it was a bummer

16 Star Wars Battlefront III
17 Star Wars 1313
18 Fez II
19 Donkey Kong Racing
20 Kagero Mansion

Unreleased Kirby horror game

21 F-Zero U

Unreleased Wii U F-Zero by Burnout's developer, Criterion Games.

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