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I'm promoting my cousin Griffin and his friend Lucas' youtube channel FolioFilms. Watch Them!

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1 Pickle Photographer

Hilariously Funny! May not be suitable for young children. BUT STILL HILARIOUS - ashduck

2 The Story Of Tyrone Shoelaces

Hilarious video that makes a little more sense then most FF videos. - ashduck

3 Rebirth

Best what video Griffin and Lucas Made. - ashduck

4 Christmas Gift

Makes no sense until the super funny and violent ending. - ashduck

5 Game Grumps: TEN OUTTA TEN

I Vote this video ten outta ten for humor! - ashduck

6 Moist Hands

Don't try to understand this video. its just made for LOLs. - ashduck

7 Game Grumps: Women

Funny video that may not be suitable for young children. - ashduck

8 Zippers

The video that started it all... - ashduck

9 Frog Legs

Catchy song that has a scary image at the end that's pretty easy to see coming. - ashduck

10 Yogurt

Arguably the weirdest and craziest FolioFilms video. (Despite they make lots of weird and crazy videos) - ashduck

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